Intelligent System Controller

Intelligent system controllers (ISCs) are devices that can control up to 64 card readers in a designated space. Often referred to as access panels, these are the devices that allow each card reader in your space to talk to each other and operate properly as part of a larger system. It’s a kind of hub that keeps tabs on up to 64 card readers at once, multi-dropping information from all of them as your employees use their badges to gain access to various resources.

The ISC is a kind of watchdog that makes all grant or deny decisions for its group of access points, and it reports directly to its host for alarm monitoring, processing, and event logging. Your space could only require one, but there can be multiple access panels throughout workplaces or facilities of any size. Up to 250,000 unique cardholders can be stored in an ISC’s database, meaning that you’ll likely never need to worry about running out of badges to give to employees and visitors.

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