Legacy Access Control

Legacy access control refers to applications and data that have been inherited from earlier technology, systems or techniques. Because of the ever-evolving nature of technology, all new developments build on past innovations or concepts. Within even a new access control system, there is legacy technology embedded inside because certain applications and modulations have evolved from former versions of themselves. This makes technology easier to use and update, especially for organizations who need to make sure their data is adaptable to technology.

When you decide to update your system, whether that’s with a new operating system or even with entirely new hardware, you’ll keep your legacy access control data. This prevents you from being forced to re-enter information like cardholder names, badge numbers, access groups and alarm specifications. It’s a built-in part of access control that acts as a time-saving measure and a reason to feel comfortable updating your system — you’ll be able to transfer your data to a newer system with no hiccups.

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