Log Access Control

Log access control is a record of the events happening within a system, putting data into applications, reports or spreadsheets. There’s no way for one person to keep up with every single access event happening within your control system, especially not when there’s other work to do or if an alarm goes off. Because of the sheer amount of events that happen on a minute-to-minute basis, you’d have a hard time trying to look at it all. That’s why log access control is so important.

Logging also helps analyze trends over longer periods of time, especially ones that might not be immediately apparent. Using logged data, you’d be amazed at the information you can uncover, including when most people get to the office, who leaves early, which rooms are used most often and where the most security issues occur. From there, you can implement new techniques or procedures to solve any lingering issues and make the facility a little more accessible.

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