Master Arm

Access control systems are a great way to improve the security of your space, whether you need a little or a lot of control over the amenities you provide. Sometimes, you won’t need to have all of your card readers triggered — it’s just not a necessity all the time for some users. However, during a day with heavy traffic or even in the event of a security breach, you’ll need to restrict access to your spaces to only those people with specific access.

To that end, master arming is your best friend. When you trigger a master arm, you essentially tell all card readers in a certain area to enter security mode, when both the interior and exterior of spaces are armed and require clearance to unlock them. Master arming provides a deeper level of security, ensuring that only those with card access will be allowed to use certain amenities like parking garages or elevators, which lets you stress less about who is using them. Simply turn it off once the threat or the crowd has passed.

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