Mean Time Before Repair

Similarly to mean time between failures, mean time before repair (MTBR) is a measurement of the reliability of a piece of hardware. Any piece of technology or equipment is guaranteed to need some attention at some point in its long lifespan, whether it’s a card reader, a door lock, or a security camera. It’s normal to need to repair your hardware, but it can be hard to tell how often is too often — that’s where MTBR comes in.

You can calculate the MTBR for any piece of equipment in your access control system, which will help you determine if it’s working properly or if it’s time to replace it entirely. Simply note each time you need to repair your hardware, building up that information slowly over time. The MTBR will be a length of time, whether that’s months, years, or even longer. Some pieces of hardware will have naturally shorter MTBR, but if you find that anything is requiring repair much too frequently or has started declining, you’ll know it’s time to replace it.

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