Monitor Zone

To make using your access control system a little easier, you’ll probably need to set up multiple distinct areas within your space. Monitor zones, areas and all of their devices that are monitored from a single selected workstation, allow you to do this. When setting up your monitor zones, consider the unique function of each area in your facility — you’ll have an entrance and exit, plus other possible features like offices, conference rooms, elevators and server rooms. Splitting up each of these areas into monitor zones allows you to focus on their individual access control needs, allowing you to zoom in on them as opposed to the entire facility.

Monitor zones include all of the hardware in an area, including card readers, door locks, security cameras and access panels, plus anything else you might have hooked up to the system. Checking each of these pieces of equipment from one workstation makes imagining this ecosystem a little easier, allowing you to decide if your security measures and practices are adequate or need a little improving.

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