Motion Detector

A motion detector is a device that senses movement within a space. They’re quite important in office security because they can be connected to other hardware within your system, including cameras, lights, and even alarms. When motion detectors sense something moving inside their range of vision, they send an alert to their connected devices that tells them to turn on. Because of this, they can be a very beneficial part of access control systems.

Say you have decided that a manager’s office should be outfitted with a motion detector. During the day, it is turned off, along with, perhaps, the card reader that protects the room. When the manager leaves for the day, though, the motion detector is armed. If someone gains access to that office by breaking in after hours, the motion detector will capture their activity and trigger a system alarm and even an associated camera, if one has been set up. Immediately, all of the system administrators are informed of the disturbance and can alert the proper authorities. When protecting valuable information, motion detectors can be a huge help.

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