Muster Mode

When an emergency occurs, normal business ceases and safety protocols kick in. This set of procedures, called muster mode, is an emergency mode of operation that requires cardholders to enter a safe zone, also referred to as a muster zone. Based on military lingo, muster mode should be triggered as soon as you become aware of any life-threatening or hazardous situation within your facility. Once it has been enacted, all employees are required to swipe out of the facility at the exit muster reader with their ID badges, marking them safe from harm and notifying you that they are outside.

Safety is always a top priority, so muster mode is an easy way to ensure that you have accounted for all cardholders, gathering them at a predetermined, safe location outside of the building. Without an access control system, you would have to verify who is safe by calling out their name. However, muster mode saves you this extra step, telling you automatically how many people are still inside.

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