Muster Reader

When emergencies occur, you need to know exactly where your staff, employees and visitors are. Your muster point is where everyone in the building knows to meet during emergencies, and the best way to tell who has made it outside to safety is to use muster readers. These special card readers act as a digital entrance the the muster zone and an exit from the facility. When employees are leaving the building, they simply swipe their security badge and continue to safety. From your phone or computer, you can see a real-time list of everyone who had been inside the facility and their status — in the muster zone or elsewhere.

Muster readers can be and often are implemented into your normal access control hardware setup. If you decide to implement your exit card reader as your muster reader, you can very easily ensure that your employees are sharing their status with you during emergencies without any extra effort on their part. In the case of a fire or other evacuation, muster readers make safety incredibly easy.

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