QR Codes in Access Control

As technology continues to improve the modern office, some businesses are turning to QR codes, those little patterns of black and white squares, to regulate the use of their amenities. While this might sound complicated, it’s quite simple: Scanning a unique QR code grants access to certain resources within an office. This kind of access control works both as a security measure and a way of streamlining operations. To start, you’ll need to install scanners outside of the resources you want to control. When an employee or team books a conference room, for example, the access control system will send them a unique access key in the form of a QR code. When they scan their code at the scanner, the door will unlock and they’ll be granted access to the room. QR code access control can also be applied to visitor badges, parking garages, and any other amenity you’d prefer to keep secure. Even better, sending QR codes directly to your employees will cut down on your use of plastic badges, which removes the stress that comes when an employee loses one and reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Kisi's system will soon supports QR codes as an entry method. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

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