Rally Point

We all like to think that we’ll avoid the bad things in life. But when emergencies happen and safety is on the line, it’s crucial that you’re ready to respond quickly. To ensure office safety, set a rally point, a designated area for everyone in the facility to meet in the case of an emergency. Rally points should be outside of the building and fairly far away, like in the parking lot or even across the street. They need to be clearly communicated to employees or guests before emergencies occur — that way, there is no mass confusion about where to go.

Rally points should be paired with other safety measures, including muster readers, which record everyone who has left the building and compares that list with the people who have swiped in. If the list is the same, you know that everyone has made it outside safely, and if there are still people inside, you can inform first responders of their identities easily and concisely. Rally points might not be the most positive topic, but they can save lives in all kinds of emergencies.

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