Security Clearance Level

More likely than not, you’ll be offering tours throughout your space, whether it’s to potential business partners, new hires, or even the families of employees. Because of this, it’s crucial that you consider who will be accompanying these tours. As opposed to the security access granted to your employees or visitors, security clearance level is a term that only applies to security guards through the lens of offering tours of your facility. When you’re mapping out the route a tour will take, consider the areas to which you are granting access to visitors. If you’re taking people through restricted areas, note the level of clearance that cardholders require to enter them. Now go through the specific levels of clearance for your space’s security — it’s understandable that not all of them will be allowed to enter those areas. When a tour is to be launched, only guards with the appropriate security clearance level will be listed as ones to take along.

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