Security Threshold

Access control systems work to make any facility safer and more secure using badges for cardholders, but facilities can also opt to add additional measures. The security threshold, which is a figure that represents the level of verification used at an access point to determine that a cardholder’s identity is correct, is a great way to determine how secure your space is. Security thresholds are measured in numbers — lower ones denote easy clearance, but higher ones mean that there are multiple layers of authentication at the access point. These extra features can include video verification, signature tablets and cipher codes.

Finding the right balance between low and high is absolutely crucial. Some spaces, like conference rooms, might only require a card swipe to enter. But other amenities, like personal offices and high-security areas, should have a much higher security threshold to prevent wrongdoers from simply stealing someone’s access card and gaining access to a restricted area immediately. Adding extra identity verification techniques is an easy way to increase security.

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