An industry standard of electronic calendars and schedules for groups, vCalendar is hugely popular. It’s incredibly important in creating transferable schedules, which can be shared between people, teams, and even entire companies. It is a predecessor of iCalendar, another similar program. vCalendar is unparalleled in its ability to spread scheduling information.

For example, one person in a network can send their schedule to another through a message or an email. The recipient can then take that vCalendar format and drag-and-drop it to their own calendar, where they can include it or even edit it. This format is mainly used in Microsoft Outlook, and it requires that your computer have a program that can support its use. Since 1996, the format has been managed by the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC), a multinational industry group. vCalendar is a great way to synchronize events and schedules within a company or corporation without having to worry about spending much time or resources on it.

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