Video Verification

As a feature of office security, video verification is an effective and, frankly, impressive tool for user authentication. Video verification is the process of comparing a live video image of a cardholder with a stored photograph of that person in order to verify that they are the same person. Using a card-based access system alone is effective in protecting your facility, but combining it with video is yet another layer of security that can transform your ability to protect your assets. It works by triggering a live camera feed when a cardholder attempts to access a certain locked space, like a conference room or an elevator. When they scan their card, a computer program also compares the video feed to a provided picture of the cardholder. In order to be granted access, both the card’s signal and the cardholder’s face must match the information on file. This prevents access in the case of a card being stolen — although the card’s signal would work, the person’s face would not match, resulting in the amenity remaining locked.

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