Backup batteries and power supply for access control

Ensure continual functionality of your access control system with backup power supply. Read this guide on backup batteries and tips for installation.

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The average power outage duration in the US grew from approximately 3.5 hours to more than 7 hours a year between 2013 and 2021. During a power outage, backup power supply is a vital component in keeping your access control systems continuously working. Whether you want to be able to keep your doors locked or unlocked, getting a backup access control power supply is essential to safeguard your spaces year-round and through any conditions. Backup power supplies, like batteries, will typically provide an extra 24 hours of backup power to keep everything safe and secure during a power outage.

Backup Batteries
Altronix backup battery

What is a backup access control power supply?

Backup access control power supplies typically contain a circuit board, a stand-by battery, and an enclosure to store hardware neatly. Their main function is to power access control hardware, such as the Kisi controller, and maintain power in an outage. Backup access control power supplies may come with additional features such as swappable output voltage, power regulation, and failure supervision systems.

Watch the video below for more information on using backup power supplies, such as the Altronix AL600ULXB board, their benefits, use cases, and installation tips.

Backup power supply ensures the doors you want locked stay locked, and that credentials you set remain functional in emergencies. They are also used to regulate power and safeguard against unexpected and unregulated power events like power surges.

Backup access control power supplies are easy to set up and connect with Kisi controllers. Once set up, they blend into the background and do not have to be continually configured.

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Installing a backup power supply for your access control system

For this installation, we’re using the Altronix AL600ULXB board as an example. To wire your Altronix backup power supply to Kisi, you will need:

Instructions may vary for your backup access control power supply so be sure to read the manual prior to installation. Here are the steps you need to take to connect the Altronix AL600ULXB with your Kisi controller.

  • Refer to sub-assembly installation instructions for mounting the board.
  • Set the desired DC output by setting SW1 to the appropriate position on the power board.
  • Connect unswitched AC power to terminals marked [L, N].
  • 14 AWG for all power connections (Battery, AC Input, DC Output).
  • 22 to 18 AWG for power-limited circuits.
  • Measure output voltage before connecting devices.
  • Connect output devices to terminals marked [+ DC -].
  • Connect batteries to terminals marked [- BAT +]. Ensure the standby batteries are lead acid or gel type.
  • Connect signaling notification devices to [AC FAIL] and [BAT FAIL] to report AC failures in 5 minutes.

You can check if the battery is fully charged by measuring the voltage at the battery terminal and board terminals.

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