According to SDM magazine report, the access control market of the USA has crossed the $1 billion mark in 2015 with a double digit growth as compared to 2014. Another research conducted by Freedonia Group predicts the electronic access control market to reach $4.5 billion by 2019. The main components of that drive this growth include video surveillance, burglar alarm systems, building security and biometric access control systems.

Building in Access Control

Building security is one of the major components that drive the access control system growth in the USA as well as in the global market. With the advent of new building security approaches based on modern last mile access control technologies, the building security is getting more robust as well as more demanding in the marketplace. The main objectives of a good building security system include:

  • Asset theft security from internal and external threats
  • Personal security of the building dwellers
  • Property damage and vandalism
  • Managing access control policy

Any modern building can be used for different purposes such as local office, satellite office, remote office, household dwelling and other commercial uses. So, the building security includes the satellite office security, overseas office security, headquarter office security and others.

Proper Building ACS Solution

A proper building security solution should support not only modern technology in the access control, but also all modern tools of building security should be integrated into one unified ACS solution. The main tools that should be integrated into the building security system include:

  • Physical access control
  • Automatic gate control
  • Video surveillance
  • Security lights
  • Human guards

All these tools and systems should work in an integrated manner in a single platform for satellite office security or any other office security. This unified operation of these systems should be powered by the modern technologies, features and capabilities.

Main Features to Look for a Good Building Access Control

The major features and capabilities of a good building access control system for satellite office security as well as for an overseas office security should include:

  • The last mile access of the system should be powered by NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wired technologies
  • Should support biometric, cards, key fobs and mobile apps as access tools
  • The backbone of the access system should support internet of things (IoT) features through IP networks
  • High definition monitoring cameras should be integrated with the access control system for better overview of the entire building
  • All critical parts of the buildings should be properly fitted with the security lights
  • A wide range of alarms should be implemented for better building security
  • The remote office and the overseas office security system should support both mobile applications and cloud based access through web browsers from anywhere in the world
  • The system should be fully compatible with all major security hardware available in the market
  • There should be full freedom and flexibility in the solution without any lock-in

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What Is Unique in Building Access Control Solution?

Building control is a wider concept of access control system that implements not only physical security control, but also video surveillance, security lights and even manned guards at the building entrance. This requires an integrated platform and comprehensive building access control policy in place.

The importance of maintenance

Setting up a perfectly functioning security system is essential for any company. What gets neglected, however, is the maintenance that the system requires in order to be efficient, last for years and pass the inspections that could occur. For this reason, it is very important, once the system is set up, to come up with a building facilities inspection checklist that can be followed periodically in order to avoid security breaches and failed inspections.

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