‍Enterprise Office Security Tips That Support Your Business Growth

Entrepreneurs are already taking enough risks in the business to be able to dedicate a lot of time to thinking and planning their enterprise company security. If you own a small-scale business or run a commercial project which is not a corporation or a large manufacturer, you are the main person who needs to think of the office security. Along with securing the paycheck for each individual on your payroll, and running the business as it is, you need to think about this, too.

Watch this video as case study overview for a combination of electronic and mechanical locks:

Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, enterprise office security is not another risk you’d want to take. It’s much safer to run a business when all doors are properly locked, and when you have an oversight of who is communicating with your employees or getting access to your business premises.

Some undertakings are in a startup phase. This means high-level dynamics of projects and people, many of whom you see for the first time.

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‍One-Point Control for Your Enterprise Company Security

Depending on how you run your operations and on the type of business you own, when you look for solutions for multiple security levels of your business, you want to make it work within the big-business objective.

After all, it’s not the same if the office security system needs to include a full-stack entry and exit points for multiple coworkers, several working areas for a mobile app development company, or if it needs to secure the equipment of a small bakery.

Integrate the Chosen Office Security Plan into the Business Processes

The most difficult decision you will need to make is how to connect the various levels, locations, divisions and departments of your enterprise. You need to function perfectly, and yet feel secure. You needn’t think only about how you can help the collaboration between your employees, but also about how will the Customer Relationship Management fit in the access control system design.

A good enterprise company security solution must meet budget constraints, and still be practical and fit in the working process. A wrong decision can result in business process delays. It can raise the frustration levels up to the sky and create unnecessary impediments, making the job more difficult. Not to mention the customers who’d like to meet an open-door policy!

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‍Making Customers Feel Safe is a Business Priority

Just think of how irritating can be when you have to open a time-delay lock at your local bank. No one wants to wait for too long in the rush hour, with minutes to spare. So, the perfect access control alternative for an enterprise company security must run smoothly, and support the business objectives with as little interference as possible.

To create an ideal office security access control system, keep the initiative and the risk-taking for core business processes. Boldness is great for specific calculated risks, but not so effective for security risks. There shouldn’t be a great chance or probability of things to go wrong.

Here are three essential elements of the decision-making process you need to keep in mind when you create the enterprise security architecture:

Analyze the business structure and processes. Draw conclusions for the type of your enterprise.Address the goals of effectiveness, efficiency, agility and durability.

The next step is to start thinking about how to move to a brand new electronic access control system or just update the already existing enterprise company security with new elements, along with the changing business needs.

How to Face Typical Challenges of Enterprise Office Security

Computer-controlled enterprise office security is not a solution only for the big players. We see more and more small and medium-sized businesses moving to electronic access control systems to solve their security problems. Typical choices include wireless and contact key fobs or cards.

It’s important to understand the pros and the cons of each alternative. Most providers will be happy to minimize or make any concern you might have gone away. Although you can’t get answers to all your questions at once, you have to start somewhere: it’s easier to integrate new elements when you got the base right.

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‍Mobile Authentication Works Great for One-off Access

What challenges most businessmen face when they design enterprise office security for their businesses?

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Implementation Costs

Increased implementation costs may be due to the larger infrastructure of the computer network and power to control all access doors. Some doors may need to be replaced. You may need to add a central monitoring system and think of the power supply. Will you use a backup power supply? What will happen in case of power loss? How will it affect your business? Is that a risk you are willing to take? How many cards or keys will you issue to employees? Some owners go for a combination of mechanical and electronic locks.

System Maintenance

As a good businessman, you’ve probably thought of this already. But, if you haven’t, it’s clever to spend some time thinking about how will maintenance of wires or installed electronic devices work within the business needs. Talking about that bakery (or restaurant) - you can’t really let a team of electronic access specialists move around in an area where food is prepared, at any given time!

Compromised Authentication

Though access cards are resilient, they are not perfect, and can create problems when there are too many of them in one small area. So, it’s best if you look for what else is there to avoid such difficulties. If you are thinking of using mechanical cylinders, they create additional vulnerability.

As you can see, electronic enterprise security systems do raise some questions. However, they provide a new freedom to organize your work in more efficient ways and help your business, your team and your customers gain all the benefits of digitalization while still feeling safe. In the end, if you are a typical forward-thinking business owner, you won’t be able to stay in the mechanical era for very long.

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