Why Cloud-Based Office Access for Growing Companies is Booming

Growing companies’ security is not a typical primary concern of managers. If you are a founder of a new startup or just thinking of growing your small business, then you invariably want to learn more about sales and profit-increasing methods. When choosing the right growth strategy, you must think of how much money you can spend on each growth phase and where to direct your focus. This depends on the market circumstances, your budget and the type of business you run.

Establishing a cost-effective office access for a growing company is easier said than done. Especially when your principal business interest revolves around biting a larger chunk of the market or around developing a product that can reach out to a wider customer base! Under the circumstances, the growing office access control system becomes secondary. Entrepreneurs would rather have it as a support base for the business than plan the growing company security design as an integral part of the product expansion plan. It's not by chance that modern tools for office access for growing companies come with excellent scalability. Adjustments are quick, practical and serve the business process.

How to Make the Growing Company Security Design Fit in the Business Plan

Few people would disagree that companies in the digital age must be forerunners of change and adapt fast, even faster than before. Therefore, greater dynamics is a preferred element for business continuity, especially in the era of smart devices and connectivity. The majority of CEOs really love seeing startups increase in value. Shareholders like seeing better returns. Stock market assessors are attracted to growth, and growth is possible in a safe and secure environment.

office security planning
‍Startups are exciting, rarely leaving much time to think about office access control

Despite its economic essence, a company is similar to a living organism, especially in terms of growth. Companies need stable and secure containers to thrive and leverage on the right amount of risk. Consequently, developing an appropriate office access for growing companies is a vital precursor to growth. Investors like entrusting funds to partners who know how to balance risk and security. It goes without question that non-secure offices can't be a part of a long-term agenda for the growing company security.

It’s typical for managers to focus almost entirely on short-term growth tactics. And, it’s hard to blame them. During accelerated growth, when customers’ immediate needs become a priority, it's hard to switch to creating a company future. All it matters is now, and the “now” doesn’t always include sideline activities, such as investing in the growing office access control equipment.

To avoid the blind spots of this short-term focus and meet the growing company security needs many business owners go for Internet-based access control. The value of electronics for a company that’s in a high state of risk due to the business phase is irreplaceable.

There are many perks to using cloud computing or on-site software solutions. However, the most important is its all-purpose resourcefulness. When you implement a ready-made yet highly scalable office access for a growing company, you protect against threats, but also prepare for growth in multiple directions, be it product expansion, diversification, mergers or acquisition. The security will move along with your business.

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Cloud-Based Access Control Systems for Growing Offices

As a general rule, new businesses don’t need complex infrastructure. They like it simple. Many companies go for simple door access control, such as IP readers with Bluetooth technology where smartphones take the role of key fobs. Bluetooth readers can execute multiple access control actions, including controlling gates, opening office and garage doors, turning on the office lights, calling the elevator or enabling and disabling the full access control system. Obviously, the growing office access control system must be at least as smart as the phone. Nonetheless, it can get a lot “smarter” and help startup founders feel at ease when their growing company security concerns arise.

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‍Yep, it’s that easy: You can control access remotely with a cup of tea in your hand

Office access for growing companies organized via cloud computing solves most problems of dynamic business ventures at once. Despite what some people believe are shortcomings, cloud-based security tools have distinct benefits for growing companies:

Lower main service and maintenance costs. You don’t need to buy a long-term software license and install complex infrastructure to be able to use cloud-based access control. The service provider takes care of the installation and the backup infrastructure.

Simpler distribution of resources. Employees can access the cloud-based solution remotely from anywhere in the world. This results in higher mobility and managing huge growth potential from a single base.

Better protection against local incidents. Cloud servers are typically off-site, both for the growing company and the service provider. Since they are located in highly secure independent storage servers, they are more reliable and less prone to localized vulnerabilities.

Having in mind all benefits listed above, it’s time businessmen leave the somewhat poor reputation of cloud computing in the past. Overall, electronic-based access control is much safer than mechanical or human security methods. It is only expected to become an indispensable tool in the hands of managers who like seeing their growing companies’ access control be as future-oriented as the business itself.

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