Why should a lab be concerned with setting up its security measures?

All types of laboratories should be very much concerned with setting up their own robust lab security systems in place. Those labs use many kinds of costly equipment, chemicals and materials, which are not only costly, but very dangerous to the society, if a proper security control is not implemented.

lab security
Prevention is better than cure especially when it comes to lab security

Research and development (R&D) can take any business, nation or society to new heights and without any research work the societies always lag far behind from the other nations. So, to keep pace with the modern world, every laboratory should be properly protected with the modern lab security systems. The main reasons to secure laboratory include:

  • Personal and asset safety
  • Protecting valuable outcomes of the research
  • Protection from theft of valuables and information
  • Protection from sabotage and terrorist activities
  • Protecting intellectual property and national security
  • Securing business critical information and competitiveness
  • Achieving compliance with the rules and regulations of authorities and agencies

Access Control for Healthcare & Medical Facilities

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Access Control for Healthcare & Medical Facilities

What is the ideal security arrangement for a laboratory?

The lab security arrangement has to maintain confidentiality of data and sterile environment to achieve the desirable results from the research and development works. The main components of security arrangement for the lab security include:

  • A well defined security policy covering, access controls, admin controls and data controls
  • A unified access control systems powered by the modern technologies should be in place
  • A well studied CCTV surveillance system to secure laboratory internally and externally
  • Proper security lighting system should be in place
  • Ingress and egress points properly guarded
  • No exceptions should be allowed without prior permission of higher authorities
  • A regular monitoring, assessing and analyzing mechanism should be there
  • A professional grade repair and maintenance of the lab security systems should be in place
  • Two tier lab security for hazardous and dangerous materials should be in place

What are some of the unique points a lab should take note when setting up its security process?

The following main points should be strictly taken note on to secure laboratory from internal and external security threats.

  • Proper scrutiny of the people who work inside the lab and those who visit the labs
  • An ID based and the exceptions-free access control system
  • Proper inventory management and tracking of the inventory
  • A comprehensive assessment of lab area and locality for security threats
  • Consideration of theft and terrorist risk factors
  • Identification of assets, equipment and information based on level of criticality
  • Multilayer security mechanism for critical assets
  • Contingency planning and disaster recovery mechanism
  • Real time surveillance and preemption

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