Office Security for Tenants

Tenant Security

According to the Office Outlook report 2017, the technical sector of industry leads in the tenant demand with over 24.2%, followed by finance and insurance sector with 14.2% of the total demand in the United States. The modern technical sector is highly influenced by the modern concepts of tenant security – both the logical and physical security. Before we deep dive into the multiple aspects of physical security, let’s have a look at concept of office tenant.

What Is Office Tenant?

Any person or company that gets an office on lease from the landlord is called an office tenant. There is a huge portion of businesses that don’t purchase properties owing to increased risks associated with the volatile property market and the business success ratio in the competitive marketplace. The office tenant should take care of the major factors such as tenant security, cyber security, office area, and building management procedures.

Office Tenant Security Solution

Office tenant security solutions may include automatic access control, video surveillance, security lights and others. If an office tenant has office at multiple locations, then he/she may decide for either full solution for satellite office security, remote office security or even overseas office security.

In most of the cases, each building has its own security mechanism, which may not be suitable for a business with multiple locations. In such conditions, it is always a good idea to have a comprehensive office tenant solution integrated and controlled through one main server. This gives the flexibility and freedom to control the satellite office security as well as overseas office security in one unified service.

As we know, the present day office tenant security is very demanding and requires all modern features such as, security management from one unified place, access through a web browser from the clouds or even through mobile app to be included in the final security solution. This is only possible when an office tenant has a full control over the main security controller/server to access or manage the security of all remote offices. In such unified solution, the satellite office security as well as overseas office security can be integrated in one access control system easily along with the additional camera surveillance capabilities.

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What a Tenant Should Look for a Good Access Control System?

An office tenant that has multi-location offices should look for the following features while choosing a good access control system (ACS).

  • Should be compatible with multiple third party hardware and tools
  • Should have cloud based access from anywhere
  • Should have capability to manage through mobile app
  • Should support mobile access key feature
  • Should be powered by the modern access technologies like NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IoT and others
  • Should support electronic fob, card fob and mobile key
  • Should be intuitive to understand and easy to operate
  • Should be cost effective for all kinds and sizes of businesses

What Is Special for Tenant in Shared Resources?

In shared access control resources, a tenant has not full control over the security of his/her office assets. The building management is the sole controller of the entire security. If you have offices at multiple locations, then shared resources may not be 100% fit for you to establish a robust, unified and foolproof security of your offices. By an integrated access control solution, you can manage your overseas office security from your headquarters.

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