Getting UL294 Certified

UL294 compliance standard is designed to assess the performance, construction and operation of the access control devices and systems. ‍

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Underwriters Laboratory or UL is an organization that develops standards for different industries. It is accredited by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and National Standards of Canada (NSC). It has developed over 1500 standards for different industries. UL developed the UL294 standard specifically for the UL294 access control compliance.

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Which Parts Relate to UL294 Access Control Compliance?

There are four major components of UL294 access control compliance regulations, which cover different aspects of an access control system and its allied systems including alarms, surveillance and security lighting system. The main components are listed below:

  • Level of destructive attack
  • Line security
  • Endurance
  • Standby power

Each of those performance factors has 4 levels of performance, and the level of performance of each factor should be clearly marked on the access control equipment to qualify for UL294 access control compliance. The equipment that operates under power over Ethernet (PoE) principle is governed by the UL294B standard.

How to Qualify for UL294 Physical Security Compliance?

There are many components and parts of an access system, which are governed by different procedures to qualify for UL294 physical security compliance. For example, the requirement for an electric lock that is released by the mounted hardware on the door requires the following procedure.

  • Should be installed at clearly visible position under proper lights
  • Hardware should immediately interrupt the power from the lock at operation
  • Door should lock when the power supply disconnected
  • Emergency exit button (panic button) should release the lock immediately
  • Should be operated with a single hand

Similarly, different procedures are laid down for different access control equipment for UL294 physical security compliance.

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What Procedures Are Required for UL294 Compliance?

The local authorities that deal with the safety and building controls are the main players that certify the access control systems as per rules set forth by UL294 standard. For any installation of the access control system, you should follow the testing procedures and audits from the concerned authorities.

Any access control equipment that is to be UL294 certified should accomplish the requirements set forth for that particular equipment.

Does Your Company Require UL294 Compliance?

The UL294 compliance is specifically developed for the companies that deal with the access control equipment and access control system installation. There are different sections and clauses of UL294 that apply to different equipment and system installations. The procedure is enforced by the regulatory authorities that inspect the building codes and human safety measures.

UL294 Compliant Company Checklist

  • All equipment used in access control system should be UL listed
  • The features of access control equipment should be as per UL294 specifications
  • The installation should be as per guidelines by ANSI and IBC
  • Proper documentation of operations of the system should be in place

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