Setting up a comprehensive visitor policy

Purpose of a comprehensive visitor policy

A comprehensive visitor policy covers all the bases related to guests, means of their identification and access granted. Having a visitor policy allows you to protect your establishment from the possible threats that can be caused by strangers wandering around your facilities. With a robust policy, you will avoid risks of intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, injuries at production site, etc.

Points that should be covered in a visitor policy

Aspects of a comprehensive visitor policy should be company-specific and reflect business specialty. It goes without saying that a heavy industry production plant requires a different set of policies than an accounting firm. However, there are some universal elements that you should consider while setting up the policy.

  • Each visitor should be authorized. Define who and in what way gives access to visitors (is it HR staff , department managers or security personnel? Is there a need for a written authorization to enter?)
  • Means for visitors identification (badges, name tags, magnetic strips, etc.)
  • Do you want to differentiate between family visitors, clients, contractors, delivery personnel and suppliers? If yes, in what way can they be identified?
‍Visitor labels or colorful lanyards make visitors easily noticed and recognized
  • It is highly advised that each visitor signs in and signs out. Visitors signing in sheet template can be found here.
  • Along with filling out visitors signing in sheet is there a need to present a photo ID document?
  • Should visitors be accompanied by the company personnel at all times?
  • Can employees who are on a leave visit the company?
  • Is access allowed to employers outside of business hours?
  • Are trainees and temporary workers treated as visitors or employees?
  • Are there any waiting areas for visitors?
  • Areas that are restricted to visitors.
  • Are visitors allowed to take photographs?
  • Can visitors receive access to the company’s network, or should they be given access to the Internet with a guest username and password?
  • What are the guidelines for personnel in a scenario of hostile visitor or contractor behavior?
  • Whom should unaccompanied strangers without a badge or suspicious visitors be reported?
  • Disciplinary actions taken against employees who violate the policy.
  • Should past incidents be documented and tracked?

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Templates of a visitor policy

Visitor policies can be developed by the HR department, ordered from a professional organization that creates such policies or downloaded online and adapted to your company’s needs. However, it is advised that a legal HR professional reviews the policy.

Visitors signing in sheet templates should be available at all times at the reception or at the visitor control center. Signing in sheet should be kept for a definite period of time to be able to track past visitors, if required.

As you can see, a comprehensive visitor policy covers many points and provides guidelines for enabling access to different types of visitors, their identification, rights and limitations, and serves as one of the important aspects of workplace security.

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