Kisi + Allegion / Schlage Integration

Use wireless locks for your office doors

With updates to Kisi’s firmware, you can now enable wireless locks to function with the Kisi interface.

A wireless lock is just what it sounds like: a smart lock that you equip on your doors that functions wirelessly and communicates utilizing modern technologies (WiFi, NFC, BlueTooth, Z-wave) with your various devices, allowing you to remotely unlock your doors without needing an antiquated physical key. These locks are highly modular and movable, requiring no wiring installation and minimal upheaval of existing infrastructure. As long as the doors are on a network, and within reasonable range from a gateway/controller, they can be installed anywhere in your building.

The NDE lock is a cylindrical door lock, and can be installed wherever such door locks can be installed. You can find full tech specifications at this link along with a data sheet at this link. As a general rule, if the door can accommodate an electric strike lock, it can accommodate an NDE wireless lock (as such, glass doors are likely not suitable). Another model, the Schlage LE lock, exists as a mortise alternative. Kisi is in the process of building the integration with that one, but in the meantime an NDE lock can be installed in the place of a mortise lock, simply requiring a bit more of an involved installation process.

With our integration, you can now connect Allegion NDE smart locks with Kisi controllers, allowing you to view all your facility or office’s locks in one unified interface within Kisi. You will find the hardware and software installation guides linked here. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, first complete the hardware installation, followed by the software installation. Once you have completed that, the locks must be approved and linked by a Kisi software administrator. Please get in touch with to complete the setup.

Once the installation is complete, the wireless lock will appear as merely another door connected to the Kisi controller (place). To unlock that door, merely swipe it open from your app interface, and the controller will tell the Gateway will tell the lock to unlock! A controller can be connected to a single gateway, and a gateway can control up to 10 doors, meaning that your controller can now control up to 14 doors total: 4 Kisi Pro readers, and 10 wireless locks. The wireless locks will need to be connected to the same network as the gateway and the controller for them to communicate.

The installation guide can be found at a link in the top right corner of this page.

For a video introduction to Allegion, and a brief discussion of the integration, check out this clip!

For physical installation:

Instructions on integrating the lock into your door can be found here:

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Functional Diagram:

What the locks look like:

The locks come in multiple styles and finishes. Here are the possible finishes:

And the available styles for the handle:

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