Kisi Product Platform

A completely unified platform

Kisi’s platform approach unifies access control, alarms, guest functions and automation workflows. It's an ever-evolving security platform that grows with your organization.

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Access Control

Install with your existing electronic locks, or as a new setup, and share multiple credentials with users through phone, card, tag or remote offering. Provision and de-provision access quickly.

Kisi Alarms


Kisi’s alarm dashboard shows all your alarm notifications in one place—from door monitoring alarms, you can see when a door is open or closed from anywhere— with usage alerts system and admin alerts.

  • Global alerts and alarms dashboard
  • Specify alerts by group, user or door


Share time restricted access, self-expiring access rights sent to your phone, separate management from regular employees via visitor group.

Guest Management
Kisi Automation


Real-time reporting and audit compliance exports, automated provisioning and de-provisioning via active directory, like Google Directory, Microsoft Azure Directory and more
SSO for unified identity management.


Download the Product Overview

In-depth overview of Kisi's hardware, architecture and use-cases. A starter guide to Kisi's system to understand its value in a quick PDF.

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