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Best Blogs for Office Managers

May 04, 2019
Best Blogs for Office Managers

Office managers have the almost impossible task of maintaining a happy and efficient workspace. Between organizing office meetings, engaging with workers, using office automation softwares and keeping the office well-stocked, as an office manager, you have to be able to handle a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities.

Office managers should be staying on top of the latest trends or changes in the workplace. It can damage the morale of the office if the workers feel like the office space has outdated processes. One way that office managers can learn about new trends like company perks or get tips on being a successful office manager is by reading blogs. Here are some of the best workplace management blogs for office managers to read.


Regardless of whether you need help with office operations, people operations, or tips to find the best tools to use in your office, UNLOCKED has something for you. It is the one-shop-stop that can help you optimize your office and improve the space. If you need advice on how to manage a remote team, or mainainting privacy in the workplace,  this office manager blog has the answer for you.


SnackNation provides a unique narrative. As a healthy office snack delivery service, SnackNation offers more than just good snack ideas. The company’s goal is to help you make your office space not only happy but also healthy.

Managed by Q

What originally started as an office cleaning company has now transformed into an office manager blog that focuses on the core needs of offices which are cleaning, maintenance, and supplies. The blog also provides tips on how to save money in the office and keeping the company culture strong.


Justworks provides expert advice on payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR to office managers. This workplace management blog helps to teach office managers the difference between business insurance policies , key federal employment laws to know, and even how to boost employee morale.


This office manager blog provides tips on how to streamline and strengthen businesses. It can teach you how to manage costs and minimize risks by showing you better ways to hire employees, reduce workplace drama, and plan for the future.

HR Technologist

HR Technologist should be your go-to blog for HR technology. If you are an office manager with questions about how to use extended reality (XR) technology, or how to incorporate AI into your recruiting team, HR Technologist has the answer to these questions and more.

Mind Tools

Mind Tools has one of the best workplace management blogs due to the fact that the blog has such a wide variety of topics that they cover. Mind Tools has blogged about decision making, strategy, problem-solving, project management, stress, and more.


One of the tasks that office managers often have to do is monitor employee satisfaction and give them a way to express feedback anonymously. Officevibe provides expert advice on this and provides a learning opportunity for managers to learn more about emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and how to be better leaders.


Some office managers are in charge of hiring employees. If their position is merged with HR duties, then BambooHR can serve as a good resource. It provides information on new trends, conferences, and technology related to HR.

The Balance Small Business

The Balance Small Business is a good resource for launching and managing your business. The office manager blog can help those who are just starting or who want to take their company to the next level. It can provide step-by-step guides on dealing with clients, legal issues, and business operations.


TINYPulse helps office managers develop and engage high-performing teams through its blog. It encourages office managers to take advantage of company volunteer days and is focused on empowering women. TINYPulse also provides advice to office managers on how to evaluate and build the company’s values.

Human Resources Online

If you are an office manager with offices in Asia, Human Resources Online is the perfect resource for you. It has all the latest news on public holidays, trends in Asian offices, and how to create a good office culture.

Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace helps to teach office managers how to better listen to employee feedback. The office manager blog aims to transform the workplace into a place that is humanized. The blog can give you tips on recognition, feedback, one-on-one meetings, and analytics.


If you are looking for a way to streamline team building, then Breezy can help you. The blog walks you through the entire hiring process from recruiting, candidate experience, and interviewing. For a company who wants to add to their size, this publication covers every aspect..  


No matter what your needs are as an office manager, these workplace management blogs can make your job easier.

Written by:

Junel Seet
Digital Marketing at Kisi