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How to Promote Co-Worker Bonding
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How to Promote Co-Worker Bonding

February 07, 2019
how to promote co-worker bonding

How to Promote Coworker Bonding

1. Company culture must be a priority

2. Try starting work meeting with ice breakers

3. Incorporate a monthly volunteer day into your office schedule

4. Facilitate team building activities, like ropes courses or escape rooms

5. Have your team participate in monthly or weekly lunch-n’-learns

6. Make sure your work space is conducive to optimal team cooperation and bonding

7. Make online communication tools, such as Skype or Slack, available to employees

8. Do activities that are unique and will create a special memory together as a team

9. Focus on fully completing projects as a team so that the success feels equally satisfying to all

10. Consider inviting families to team building activities, so that the event becomes more personal for everyone

Working in an office environment can become draining without fun employee activities in place to keep energy levels high and productivity moving forward. Optimal team cooperation requires co-workers to communicate effectively and develop positive working relationships. These relationships become easier when co-workers have the opportunity to bond with one another. When so much time is spent at work, it’s essential that morale stays high and team members enjoy coming into the office each day. There are many team building activities that can promote co-worker bonding and increase overall company efficiency and happiness levels.

Make Culture a Priority

Making culture a priority should be a part of every company’s mission. This shows that employers value their employees. Company culture can include fun employee activities such as holiday parties and happy hours, but it can also include weekly book clubs, company picnics, and sports meet ups, as well. These extracurricular activities promote bonding outside of the office and will ultimately improve team cooperation inside the office.  

Start Meetings with Ice Breakers

Some employees may not have the time to participate in team building outside of office hours, which is why it’s important to promote co-worker bonding during work, too. You can try starting every team meeting with a fun activity or icebreaker as a way to make your team more comfortable. Celebrate birthdays together with a 15-minute snack break or develop other team building event ideas that can be done in brief periods within the office.

Monthly Volunteering

Taking a few hours a month to leave work and volunteer as a team could be a great way for co-workers to bond. Sometimes, the team needs to work together on tasks that aren’t related to their everyday job role in order to appreciate their co-workers and what they do on a daily basis. Volunteering increases positivity, lightens the mood, and becomes a team building activity that everyone can look forward to.

Team Building Activities

There are a variety of team building event ideas that can bring your team closer together, in a fun way, while also promoting bonding. Many corporate offices choose to do ropes courses or escape rooms. These activities allow employees to use their physical and mental skills in more tangible ways than they normally would in an office setting. You can also try trendy activities, like ax throwing, or seasonal activities, like ice skating in the winter. It’s a fun way to get coworkers out of their heads and working together in a unique environment.

Lunch N’ Learns

Holding regular lunch-n’-learn sessions within the office provides an opportunity for team members to learn new skills and discuss these topics together. Lunch-n’-learns can be a great way to promote co-worker bonding, because teams are learning together and can figure out how best to apply these skills to their current roles.


Comfortable Work Space

In order for coworkers to bond throughout the work day, it’s essential that their work space is set up in a way that makes this possible. If your team members are spread out all over the office, it will be hard for them to work together on projects and communicate effectively. If team cooperation is necessary for getting a project complete, the office set up needs to be open, and desks need to be close together. Allow team members to chat throughout the day, both about work and in order to bond socially.

Online Communication

Having a program installed in the office to facilitate online communication between employees will make team cooperation and co-worker bonding much easier. Many offices use Slack or Skype for this purpose. That way, team members can type to one another when talking across desks isn’t feasible. Sometimes, in an open office setting, there may be other co-workers on the phone and the noise level in the office needs to be kept to a minimum. Whether team members need to discuss important project details or want to catch up on the latest news, Skype, Slack, and other online communication tools make this simple.

Promoting co-worker bonding can be done in a variety of ways, whether through small additions to your everyday office setup or incorporating regular team building activities into your company culture. Regardless of how you choose to promote bonding between team members, making these relationships a priority will go a long way. It’s possible that an increase in coworker bonding will reduce employee turnover rate, increase project efficiency, and make everyone’s days a little bit easier.

Written by:

Kait Hobson
Workplace Innovation