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Managing Workplace Visitor Policies
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Managing Workplace Visitor Policies

February 27, 2019
Managing Workplace Visitor Policies

A comprehensive visitor policy for your office should cover everything guest related, in order to protect your space from risks of theft. This means access rights, identification and so on.

What Should Be Covered in a Visitor Policy

Before planning your visitor policy, remember to make it unique to your industry or company’s needs. However, there are some universal elements that you should consider while setting up the policy:

  • Each visitor should be authorized. Define who and in what way gives access to visitors.
  • Means for visitor identification (badges, name tags, magnetic strips, etc.)
  • Do you want to differentiate between different types of visitors? Are trainees and temporary workers treated as visitors or employees?
  • Visitor labels or colorful lanyards make visitors easily noticed and recognized
  • It is highly advised that each visitor signs in and signs out. A visitor sign-in sheet template can be found here.
  • Along with filling out visitors signing in sheet is there a need to present a photo ID document?
  • Should visitors be accompanied by the company personnel at all times?
  • Is access allowed to employers outside of business hours?
  • Are there any waiting areas for visitors?
  • Areas that are restricted to visitors.
  • Are visitors allowed to take photographs?
  • Can visitors receive access to the company’s network, or should they be given access to the Internet with a guest username and password?
  • Disciplinary actions taken against employees who violate the policy.
  • Should past incidents be documented and tracked?

Templates for your visitor policy

Visitor policies can be developed by the HR department, ordered from a professional organization that creates such policies or downloaded online and adapted to your company’s needs. However, it is advised that a legal HR professional review the policy.

Visitor sign-in sheet templates should be available at all times at the reception or at the visitor control center. A sign-in sheet should be kept for a definite period of time in order to track past visitors, if required.

A comprehensive visitor policy provides guidelines for enabling access for different types of visitors, sets limitations clearly and serves as one of the important aspects of workplace security.

Written by:

Kait Hobson
Workplace Innovation