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Must-Have Tools for Your Creative Onboarding Strategy
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Must-Have Tools for Your Creative Onboarding Strategy

September 03, 2019
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If you want to build a great team that demonstrates good results, the hiring process is just the first step on your way to success. Even if you’ve found the right candidates who are perfectly fit for the job, you should also onboard them and make them engaged in the working process from the very first day at your company. Otherwise, there is a chance that your perfect candidates will find another company sooner than you expect. Onboarding is crucial for employee management. It helps boost productivity and decrease turnover rates.

If you really want to welcome new employees to your organization and to build strong relationships, you should do more than just provide a handbook and a quick orientation. Instead, you should look for creative solutions so that your staff members can get a truly unforgettable experience. Your new employees should be excited about joining the team. In addition, the onboarding process should transform them into productive members of the team as soon as possible.

What Is Onboarding?

Many companies see onboarding as paperwork, thinking only about the automation opportunities. Indeed, for most businesses, the documentation and processing associated with new employees is usually time consuming and expensive. However, modern professionals use their first six months to understand whether or not they are going to stay. Thus, onboarding is much more than paperwork, it’s your main opportunity to activate and retain talent.

A proper approach to onboarding should include a few important steps, such as:

●      Cultural knowledge

●      Early-stage career support

●      Network development

●      Strategy direction

If you take into account these important factors, you’ll be able to quickly activate new employees and to keep them engaged with the current business goals. If, however, automation is something you are struggling with, check out our article on office automation tools.


Creative Onboarding Strategies

1. Assign a mentor

Most companies ask new hires to watch how the team works, training along with other employees. However, a fast work pace and chaos in the workplace can make such a task difficult. We suggest that you assign a mentor who will be able to quickly answer any questions.

2. Create a support team

Another great solution is to create a support team for your new employees. This team should provide new hires with the necessary help and useful resources.

3. Start with “pre-boarding”

Onboarding can be more effective if you plan it in advance. First, you can prepare all the necessary work materials. Secondly, you can create a little moment of delight, offering a surprising package or preparing a greeting card signed by coworkers.

4. Talk about career development as soon as possible

Show your employees that their careers matter. Start career development conversation after the first month. Ask new hires about their expectations, help them set clear goals, and provide the necessary support.

Choose Effective Onboarding Software

If you want to successfully onboard new employees, you can benefit from a variety of onboarding tools that can also save money in the long run. The main thing is to define your objectives and to choose the right software. There are many kinds of onboarding software, however, the following five types are the most common:

●      Checklists — the simplest tools;

●      Specialized tools — solutions designed especially for onboarding, which often include automated features;

●      Chatbots — AI-based tools that provide help for new employees in a conversational manner, usually available 24/7;

●      Integrated tools — all-in-one solutions. They are certainly the best choice for any company. Such comprehensive solutions can save you a lot of time, being flexible and focused on different aspects of the onboarding process.

Now let’s take a closer look at the best onboarding software.

1. HR Cloud Onboarding

HR Cloud is a great example of a solution that includes everything you need. First, this solution offers automated intro emails, simplified forms, and e-sign processes that will help you forget about tons of paperwork. It also includes personalized portals with checklists and an easy-to-use dashboard where you can track every employee’s progress, keeping your eye on deadlines and other important details.

2. Workmates

This solution will help your new employees quickly become a part of an effective team. Created especially for teams, Workmates includes real-time social feed, employee directory, a system of announcements, a group chat, and many other useful features. This tool allows teams to quickly share information and gives a lot of opportunity for cultivating company culture. You can also reward members of the team with Kudos, increasing social recognition, and creating moments of delight. Such tools allow you to increase motivation and to create a perfect environment not only for new employees but also for the already existing ones.

3. Trello

This is a simple and flexible tool aimed to help with project management. It can be used with different types of projects and has employee onboarding templates. It also includes interactive checklists and a customizable dashboard.

4. Chief Onboarding

This is a simple Slack bot that provides online onboarding help for your new employees. It can answer any necessary questions and introduces new hires to the most important aspects of their work.

5. HR Cloud Offboarding

No matter how good you are at retaining, sometimes employees leave your company. This offboarding solution helps quickly complete required documents and allows you to track any contracts agreed by the employee. It also includes offboarding surveys that will help you detect problems and improve retention.


Although choosing the right onboarding solution may seem to be a difficult task, the main thing is to determine your objectives. There are many integrated onboarding tools that help take care of many different aspects of the onboarding process at the same time. All you need to do is choose the right onboarding strategy, providing your new hires with support and helping them integrate into your team.

Ester is a virtual assistant and content creator for College Writers. She balances freelancing and a full-time job as a QA Engineer.

Written by:

Ester Brierley
Virtual Assistant at College Writers