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Smart Office Technology for 2021: An Overview
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Smart Office Technology for 2021: An Overview

February 06, 2020
Smart Office Technology

What is a Smart Office and How to Make Your Office Smarter

In recent years, the world has seen an explosion of new technologies that are making every facet of our lives better and easier. Our workspaces and offices are one area that has particularly benefited from these new innovations—smart office technology is booming and many enterprises using these technologies are already reaping the fruits of increased productivity. But what exactly is smart office technology, and how can you create your own smart office?

What Distinguishes Smart Office Technology?

You may be thinking that technology has become so universal, to the point where there is little distinction between the tech we use at home and that which we use at the office. In that case, you would be mistaken. In fact, there is an entire niche of technology to make our workplaces more productive. As the old adage goes “work smarter, not harder,” smart office technology enables people to work faster, reduce mistakes, and lower the amount of time spent on humdrum chores.

In order to make to make your office smarter, only a few select pieces of technology are needed to boost productivity. Each focusing on a different area of you and your employees work life. These areas are both physical and technological, enhancing physical spaces and office furniture and elevating software and hardware to maximize efficiency.

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The Technological Smart Office

The first step to create a smart office is installing new hardware or upgrading the software and programs your employees use—there are many options for this. In the past, in order to have a flawless video conference call you would need a slew of heavy-duty equipment, such as Polycom phones, overhead projectors, and external microphones and speaker, and even then it would often be buggy and difficult to use. Nowadays, all you need is a monitor and some choice software, such as Skype for business or Zoom. Smart televisions incorporate video cameras and make the process of having a video conference simple and flawless.

The Cloud

The next step is to upgrade to the cloud. Cloud computing means that any of your files information or digital work is available to you at any time and in any location. This ensures that files are never lost and allows for an easier delegation of tasks, which makes managing your team a breeze. A brilliant example of this is Google’s G-Suite, which covers almost every aspect of a business. There are also many powerful project management platforms, such as Asana or Trello that help you manage your employees effectively.

Another great advantage of cloud-based computing is the use of the cloud as a control for your office. That means you can control the physical aspects of your office from a cloud-based system. For example, you can switch the lights, book conference rooms, and even manage your security from the cloud. For this, Kisi, a cloud-based access control system that comes in as the highest-rated app on the market It allows you to manage your office remotely and obtain real-time audits of employee access logs as well as the control and monetization of conference rooms

The Physical Smart Office

The next level is upgrading the design of your physical office using smart furniture and clever design to maximize productivity, often this is called ‘agile’ working. One excellent option to accomplish this is the standing desk—to keep employees on their feet and feeling sharp, without the back pain that regular chairs can cause. You can automate the desk to move at regular intervals, this keeps employees sharp and moving, and in turn, maximizes output. There are also lots of ways to set up your office to increase employee output and boost their creativity. To do so, consult an office designer or simply read all the internet has to offer on the topic.
Wrap It All Up and You’ve Created Something Special

The benefits of creating a smarter workplace are numerous. What business doesn't want more productive, happier employees? Luckily, the smart office technology available these days makes it easy to make the switch. All it takes is to take the plunge, shed any Luddite inclinations and grasp what technology has to offer.

Written by:

Angela Hwang
Angela Hwang
Account Executive @Kisi

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