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Three Fun-Filled Activities to Help Your Employees Boost Their Productivity
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Three Fun-Filled Activities to Help Your Employees Boost Their Productivity

April 27, 2019
activities to boost employee productivity

Getting the most out of the workforce is a top priority for any business; however, keeping employees engaged and focused on the goals that need to be achieved can sometimes be a challenge. When working through challenging obstacles and—at the same time—facing the pressures of looming deadlines, many employees can start performing below their capabilities, and that can hinder your company’s progress. That’s where team building activities can be so helpful.

The activities not only serve as a fun break from daily office tasks but they also help your team come closer together and learn how to work with one another more efficiently; however, if you want to gain the full benefits that team building can offer, you need to choose the right activities that your employees will enjoy and eagerly participate in.

So, to help you plan the perfect team building day with your staff, here are some indoor and outdoor team building events that prove to be effective and are often suggested to clients by team building and corporate event management companies.

Activities to Help Boost Employee Productivity

‘Sneak a Peek’

Success in the workplace largely depends on a team’s ability to work together and quickly share accurate information, which is exactly what a game of ‘Sneak a Peek’ can help accomplish. The game is very simple to organize, doesn’t require any special skills or equipment, and can be completed relatively quickly, which makes it the perfect choice if you want something that will be fun for everyone involved while simultaneously teaching valuable communication and cooperation.

Here’s the entire process:

You will need Legos, or similar construction blocks, that can be put together to form a structure. Once that’s ready, separate your group into two teams, and also allocate one neutral person who will serve as the builder.

Place the construction blocks in a separate room, and have the builder go and build something out of them. Then, have one member of each team go to the other room and let him or her analyze the construction for about ten seconds. Once they come back, they should try to describe the construction to their team members for around 30 seconds, and then they should try and recreate it.

After one person finishes explaining how the construction looks for their respective team, another person from each group should go to the room and analyze the structure for ten seconds, and then try to describe it in 30 seconds to the team when he returns.

Do this until one of the teams can finish the construction. The team that can replicate and complete their construction first wins!

As you can see, this game involves all of the key elements of working together in the workplace, and while it is a fun-filled way to spend a few hours, your employees will sharpen their communication skills and learn to share information more effectively in the process.

Escape Room

If you want an activity that will get everyone excited, you can’t go wrong with planning an escape room challenge for your team.

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular in recent years, and not just as a team building activity. Friends and groups of people pay money to participate, so you can be sure that your employees will be excited to try it out as well.

Now, there are two ways you could approach this—either put together your own escape room or go with one that has been professionally prepared somewhere near your location.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or want to do it at your office, it’s totally doable–you’ll just need a room with a lock, places to hide some hints, and ideas for what kinds of clues you want to leave the teams to solve.

Plan out the sequence of clues that they’ll have to solve, and have the last one reveal the location of the key, and you’re all set to get started! You could make it more interesting by developing a theme for your escape room such as an insane asylum or a haunted house, just to add a bit more fun to the mix.

If you want to include more than a handful of employees, you could separate people into smaller groups and have them try their best to escape from the room as quickly as possible, seeing which team could do it the fastest.

Having to work together to solve clues and find their way out of a room will help your employees develop useful communication habits, and that could translate into the workplace as well.

Egg Drop

Egg drop is an excellent option for a team building activity if you’re not afraid to get a little messy while having some fun.

As the name implies, egg drop revolves around dropping an egg. To be more specific, the goal is to drop an egg from a set height (at least a couple of feet) without it breaking. As you can probably imagine, no egg is going to survive being dropped from such height on its own, so your employees will need to build a structure around the egg that would prevent it from breaking.

All you’ll need to make this work are some common office supplies such as duct tape, paper, cardboard, maybe some fabric, and anything else you can think of that could serve as part of the construction.

Separate your employees into teams and give them some time to develop a way to prevent the egg from breaking. Once everyone is done, have each group present their design and why they think it will work and then have them drop the egg.

You could set up a reward for the winning team, although it might be a better idea to just hand out symbolic participation prizes to everyone.

This is another simple yet very fun activity that can be organized at the office or outdoors at virtually no cost while still helping to develop essential traits and communication skills between co-workers that can play a vital role in your company’s success.


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