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Top Rated Company Swag Ideas
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Top Rated Company Swag Ideas

May 13, 2019
Company Swag Ideas

At best, company swag makes your employees happy and serves as free advertising for your company. It can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness, and create a positive association in the minds of those who end up with it. At worst, swag is useless, wasteful junk that gets thrown away, never to be seen again despite the hole it left in the company budget. That’s why we emphasize that only good swag, whatever that may be in your industry, can be a powerful marketing tool.

For example, research shows that doctors are far more likely to prescribe certain medication when they’re given gifts from the manufacturer, even if they don’t believe they’re being influenced. Imagine your favorite pen has the name of your childhood dentist on it, or the water bottle you bring to the gym is from your insurance company. You’re more likely to remember the name of those brands than any other old dentist or insurance company. Plus, everyone who sees you sporting that custom popsocket or engraved portable charger is exposed to the brand. Company swag is the best type of word-of-mouth awareness: it creates a personal connection that recipients don’t have to consciously pay attention to.

But how can you ensure that your swag doesn’t join the black hole of useless junk? The good news is, these days there are a ton of websites offering endless useful, high tech, low cost and customizable options for your dream team swag. We’ve selected some of the best, plus the coolest companies that create it. Read on to find out how to get office swag that won’t be forgotten.

Office Swag Ideas

1. Car Mount

A key to creating team swag that will actually get used is making it useful. Car phone mounts are great because they’re the kind of thing you don’t think you need until you have one.

Source: Amazon

2. Pop Socket

These things may seem unnecessary but in reality they are so, so useful. Many people who first see these don’t understand their use, but once they put it on their own device, they quickly become indispensable. The pop socket is so inconspicuous but practical, and easily stamped with a small logo or motto.  

Source: Urban Outfitters

3. Dry erase boards‍

Talk about useful! Dry erase boards are perfect for brainstorming while keeping your desk clutter-free. This one’s from AnyPromo.com, but they’re available on almost any wholesale corporate swag website.  

Source: AnyPromo

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

What better way to show your employees that you care about their well being than giving them a branded diffuser? They’ll not only make the office smell amazing, they’ll help employees focus and de-stress, which means they just might pay for themselves in increased efficiency.

Source: BlueBerryInk

5. Reusable Straws

Just about everyone has hopped on the save-the-turtle train, but skipping the plastic straw is easier said than done. Help your employees save the earth by giving any variety of reusable straws, from collapsible to bendy. The one below even comes with its own cleaning device.

Source: BlueBerryInk

6. Lip Balm‍

You know a company swag item is a great idea if it’s something you can never quite get enough of. Think about how many lip balms you’ve actually managed to hang onto until they’re gone. We bet you could use a spare one or two.

Source: Amsterdam Printing

7. Water Bottles‍

Because who doesn’t need a water bottle? These infuser design from Promo Manager will let users flavor their water with fruit, mint, or whatever they desire.

Source: PromoManagers

8. Portable Chargers ‍

Make sure your employees or clients are never stuck with a dead phone again by supplying them with a portable charger. Again, it’s something virtually everyone could use.

Source: BlueBerryInk

9. Webcam Covers‍

You may have noticed that many people now cover their computer webcams with stickers. Unfortunately, it’s common for hackers to access the webcam of almost any device without the owner’s knowledge. While the solution is simple (covering the webcam when you’re not using it) some people might be glad to use something better than a Band-Aid or Post-It note. Get customized web camera covers! These ones are sleek and can easily be opened for video conferences.

Source: Promo Managers

10. Food Items

Because who can turn down a little chocolate?

Source: Pinnacle Promotions

11. Headphones

Headphones are another item that you can’t have enough of. They’re easy to lose and yet essential to many people’s everyday routine. Make sure that your employees every trip to the gym or morning commute has them sporting your logo.

Source: GeekTechBranding

12. To-Go Cup‍

Stainless steel tumblers are increasingly popular these days, and if you’ve ever been so busy that by the time you pick up your coffee it’s cold, you’ll understand exactly why.

Source: BlueBerryInk

13. Bluetooth Key Finders‍

We’ve all lost our keys at some point, but not many of us have thought to put a Bluetooth tracker on them. These handy little trackers can be placed on anything from keys to remotes to your kids’ favorite toy. Your employees will thank you later.

Source: BlueBerryInk


Places you can order these swag from

(Not sponsored)

1. Alibaba

This site offers an unparalleled selection of low-cost products for wholesale purchase. It’s your one-stop-shop for notebooks, cordless chargers, watches and anything else you could imagine.

2. Clove and Twine

Clove and Twine offers everything from customized tote bags to collapsible straws, hats and phone chargers. Check out their particularly sleek temperature-controlled tumblers, pictured below.

3. Blueberry Ink

If their bento lunch boxes don’t convince you to order from them, their retro Bluetooth speaker or versatile backpacks might. Plus, they offer curated collections of corporate gifts from under $5.

4. Promo Managers

With Promo Managers, it’s as easy as uploading your logo artwork and choosing the colors. From bottle openers to cutting boards and even novelty camera lenses, the options are limitless.

5. Deluxe

Deluxe has a great selection of food items, from hot chocolate on a stick to charcuterie baskets with engraved cutting boards.

We just threw a ton of ideas at you, so let’s review. Remember to choose something that your employees will actually use, (no frisbees please) that’s not so specific that it may leave others out, like a wine-opener or golf balls. Choose a good quality product, because putting your logo on a cheapitem is not a good look. And most of all, have fun!

Written by:

Junel Seet
Digital Marketing at Kisi