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What Does The Future Of Recruitment Look Like?
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What Does The Future Of Recruitment Look Like?

January 30, 2020
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Most positions, no matter how technical, demand some sort of creativity in the current day. Even recruiters are required to be creative in their approach to hiring employees. If you are a recruiter you need to have an aggressive research strategy to seek the right talent for your organization. With high demand comes high competition in most job markets. Here we will explore some methods that are shaping HR management and recruitment strategy for different organizations. With the help of AI in recruitment, many organizations are able to focus on more creative and effective recruitment strategies to help them grow.

Follow the 4 HR trends of the future

Soft Skills

Technical skills or “hard skills”, as we call them, are necessary for professionals like designers, coders, writers, or tax accountants, workers who need proficiency in a specific discipline or program. Soft skills, on the other hand, are not usually taught through specific trades, however they are just as crucial. Soft skills are personal traits which help to solve complex problems. With technology and AI rapidly replacing human intervention, the only type of skills that are going to keep up the human touch is soft skills. 

Creative Freedom

A majority of the active workforce consists of millennials (people born from 1985 to 1997). Usually more tech-savvy than other demographics, millennials are often referred to as the digital generation. This demographic responds well to employers who give them the  freedom and space required to think creatively. If you really want passionate, success-hungry millennials to work for you then it is very important for you to know what they are looking for. Much of the time that’s creative freedom.

Safe Workplace

Employees can think freely only when they feel safe at work. In fact, employers are legally bound to ensure workplace safety as well as policies against workplace harassment. In the wake of the #metoo movement setting standards for interpersonal interactions in the workplace all around the globe, organizations must take initiatives and measures to create a safe workplace environment, both physically and socially. This is something potential employees and candidates will actively look for.

Employees should have the surety that they can approach the HR team or their reporting manager to share a concern or report a complaint. Their feedback is totally anonymous and this gives them even more encouragement to leave their emotions aside and demand the right thing. With crime rates increasing by the day, it is essential to ensure that employees are safe where they work and contribute towards the benefit of the organization as well as business customers.

It can be about maintaining absolute transparency in work responsibilities, output or pay scale. But organizations must ensure that they encourage transparency as it gets quite difficult to manage a team when there is too much-undisclosed information.This results in employees getting a sense that their employers don’t have enough faith in them. Or perhaps they do not trust them enough to share valuable information. 


AI on the Front End of the Recruitment Process

The topic of AI in recruitment has been making rounds since early 2018 and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Though it’s debated whether HR tools and automation platforms will replace recruiters completely, most people agree that they will bring more power, strength, and freedom to the traditional recruitment process. Several AI and automation tools are already giving recruiters more space to engage talent and build a brand reputation. 

In fact, experts prefer to look at the role of AI in HR in 2 different aspects-

  1. HR bots are not really going to take over recruitment completely. HR professionals are only looking for some assistance for the same and not complete replacement.
  1. There is a tremendous amount of competition when it comes to HR platforms meeting each other face to face, trying to crack a deal with an organization.

HR automation tools will only accelerate the recruitment process and bring in more consistency in picking the right candidate for the organization.

Automating recruitment processes will increase the recruiter’s productivity and also help in saving time and money. It doesn’t stop there, it will also help in choosing the most eligible talent by helping to keep bias and prejudices at bay. 

Recruitment Technology Will Focus on Videos and Digital Integrations

Potential candidates appreciate it when the company they are applying to takes the initiative of walking them through the work culture they are going to be a part of. Here videos work exponentially and efficiently well when it comes to showing around the diverse work environment.

Moreover, technical and digital integrations will allow candidates to find out more about the organization. Before they sign a contract or accept the offer, it is beneficial if they are on the same page.

Hire for the Potential, Not Just for Skills

Many recruiters get stuck on searching for the perfect candidate from a technical or experiential standpoint. And while that is certainly a huge factor, it’s important to prioritize the candidate’s attitude as well. Encouraging a healthy work culture is also an essential part of the recruiter’s job. There will be plenty of times when a recruiter finds someone perfectly suited to perform the right tasks, but has the completely wrong attitude or motivations that indicate they are not the right cultural fit with the company. Oftentimes candidates who may not have all of the required skills are even more eager to learn and develop their career with the company, which is a much better indicator of good retention and performance.

Utilize Recruitment Data for a Better Outcome

Talent management is simple when you make use of data with the right approach. With the right analysis, data leads to more knowledge, and more knowledge leads to intelligent action. Data will give quick and easy access to candidate information to recruiters and help them maintain spreadsheets or tools in a much better fashion.


HR trends may come and go but every organization has a constant need to streamline and perfect their recruitment strategies to remain competitive. In return, well deserving candidates will always be on the lookout for a good opportunity where they can showcase their talent. Embrace the future of HR and recruitment by choosing trustworthy HR platforms.

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