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What Makes a Good Workplace?
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What Makes a Good Workplace?

February 07, 2019
What Makes a Good Workplace

Creating the Perfect Workplace Environment Your Employees Will Love

With the cost of hiring new employees ranging in the 5k-20k range, it’s imperative as business owners that we create a workplace that our employees want to come back to day in and day out. In order to recruit and keep top talent, employers need to determine what makes a good workplace culture for their specific business. Here are some important characteristics that make up the perfect job environment.

1. Your employees don’t just work for you

Raise your hand if you’ve worked for someone before that acted as if they were your only priority in life. We know it’s easy to get excited when you’re building your dream business and it’s even easier to put all of your focus into your business, but that’s not the case for your employees. Your employees have lives. They have children. They like to go to yoga and happy hour. The easiest and fastest way to burnout an employee is to forget this fact. Let them have the time they need to recharge. Employees that aren’t fearful of needing to call out because of a sick child and aren’t obsessively checking their email on the weekends are much happier employees.

2. Transparency

Two-way communication is imperative to creating a company culture that employees love. When employees feel like they have the ability to communicate and be heard, they’re more likely to love coming to work because they feel valued. This works vice-versa as well. The more a company communicates with employees, the more valued they feel. No one wants to feel blindsided. A little transparency goes a long way in business.


3. Recognition

This is a big aspect of having the ideal workplace. We’re not suggesting a party for every milestone or achievement but a simple email to tell an employee you really see them and acknowledge their hard work is worth more than one can imagine. No one wants to work hard day in and day out to feel unnoticed. As humans, we like our efforts to be recognized. If the recognition matches the effort, your employees will feel valued. This is not to say that recognition is limited to just good work, but also acknowledging employees daily when you see them. When you pass an employee in the hallway, be sure to say hello. It costs nothing to be a nice person and your employees will appreciate it.

4. The actual office

We work hard on our homes to ensure they look great and feel inviting, yet somehow when we get into the business mindset, that idea goes out the window and it’s hello bland walls and cubicles. Creating a physically friendly environment is key to keep employees coming to work with a smile. Lightning and some great chairs can make a huge difference in how employees feel about their office. Google is the king of this concept. Google offers a ton of color in their offices, comfy chairs, various seating areas, and playfulness. Imagine your employees taking 10 minutes or so a day to play a little ping pong to destress. That 10 minutes won’t kill your business; it could drastically improve it. When we switch our brains off and get into a playful, rest mode, our brains are free to be creative. Looking for a new idea on a project and having a hard time coming up with the perfect solution? Maybe your employees need a little play time in their day to let the creative juices flow.   

Creating an ideal workplace has to be something both you and the employees love. Find out what your employees are craving at work and see what is possible within your means. You may be shocked to see that some small, simple tweaks can drastically alter how your employees feel about work in a good way.

Written by:

Junel Seet
Digital Marketing at Kisi