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Encourage Healthy Work-Life Balance With These SImple Strategies

March 21, 2019
Wellness at work

Happy and healthy people empower others to be like them. Their attitude and work ethic is contagious. As a leader, these types of people are exactly who you want on your team. Creating and maintaining an employee wellbeing strategy increases office engagement among individuals. As a result, employers benefit from reduced healthcare costs and healthy morale in the office, and employees benefit from improved wellbeing.

Where to Begin

Consider that employee health involves more than general physical health. Workplace health initiatives range from fitness activities to mental health exercises or team building challenges. There are companies dedicated to helping other businesses incorporate wellness and healthy habits into their company culture. For example, Terryberry Wellness, a cloud-based software, works to educate employees about various health risks and how they affect the mind, body, and workplace.

Elements of an Effective Wellness Program

A good wellness program should include a variety of events and initiatives, whether it is encouraging workers to stop using plastic water bottles or planning outdoor events that require movement. You could also encourage healthy eating habits by suggesting nutritious recipes and snacks that employees can use.. Make workplace wellness initiatives broad enough so that every individual feels an incentive to accomplish something. The following initiatives will have your employees feeling great about themselves in no time!

Specialized Programming and Health Education

Evidence shows that employees are more likely to participate in workplace health promotion programs when the programs offer a range of activities. Through specialized programming, wellness initiatives target specific demographics in the workplace, for example, people who smoke or people who are considered obese, and assist those individuals with their needs. Health education applies to everyone in the workplace. Any employee can benefit from learning something about portion control or nutrition.

Physical Exercise

Incentives typically draw people in. We all like hearing “free”. If a company offers to pay for a membership to a gym, employees are more likely to take advantage of the opportunity. Nothing comes out of their pocket, so they are feeling ecstatic before they even hit the gym. There are several ways to stay fit at work as well.  


Positive mindsets are a force to reckon with. You can make mindfulness a  prominent aspect of company culture by having a dedicated space for meditation or just a quiet moment away from work. Mindfulness training lets employees reduce stress, feel balanced mentally and emotionally, and focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Connect new workplace wellness initiatives to existing support programs your company offers. Employees feel comfortable and confident when they have easy and practical access to all programs in their company

Flexible Work Environment

Sometimes making the best decision means changing things up. If an employee needs a break, mentally or physically, from the office, a wellness initiative should cater to that need. Creating a flexible work environment where employees have the option of occasionally working from home may be the key to improving their mood and boosting overall morale.

Hire a Registered Dietician

Having an expert consultant in the wellness area make a workplace initiative seem more legitimate. Your employees are likely to take the word of a healthcare professional or dietitian more seriously than a colleague they already know. These types of specialists can communicate authoritatively on how to focus on individual wellbeing.

Improv Training

The atmosphere of a room changes when the people in it are content. Focusing on less traditional activities gives employees a chance to relax. For example, comedy improvisation is a great exercise to help people unwind. Improv requires active listening, collaboration, public speaking and conflict resolution. These skills encourage employees to think differently and create healthy habits while sharing a laugh.


Employee Impact

We can all confidently say that we strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. But, we can also all admit that we often fall short. Workplace health initiatives focus on making an individual impact that will also impact a team. Cohesion, engagement, and efficiency all arise from employee wellness programs.

A work-life balance can be difficult to manage, but wellness initiatives at work aid in bridging that gap. Employees benefit from such programs in their lives beyond the office. Promoting healthy exercise habits or food selection choices may end up positively affecting an entire family, not just a single employee

It’s also important to focus a portion of your wellness initiative on appreciating your team. Employees will appreciate feeling valued. Trips that reward hard work or create quality time among employees impact the wellbeing of everyone in a company and are one of many ways to boost morale in the office.

Office Impact

When everyone feels healthy, everyone works at full capacity. Implementing workplace health promotion programs can create friendlier and less stressful environments. Nobody wants to dread coming to the office. Attempt to make all of your employees excited about their work. Even a simple “hello” each day or a high five for a job well done goes a long way in creating a healthy workplace. Through a heightened focus on wellness, companies ultimately become more competitive and more productive.

Examples of Health and Wellness Programs

Seeing corporate health and wellness programs in action may inspire you to act yourself. Zappos, a popular shoe company, created “Recess Tuesday” in which employees are encouraged to go outside and use playground toys. Other companies have mimicked this strategy to fostering a healthy workplace. On top of offering flexible work hours and free gym memberships, Microsoft offers incentives for employees to volunteer. Camelbak, an outdoor equipment company, takes it one step further in hosting an annual competition for hydration, exercise, and health.

Regardless of what size, type or style of company you operate, wellness initiatives can be implemented. Employee satisfaction will boost office morale and create a happy and healthy workplace.

Written by:

Andrés Camperi
Product Platform