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Top 5 Safety Concerns in the Workplace
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Top 5 Safety Concerns in the Workplace

March 20, 2019
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The importance of safety at work should not be taken lightly. While some companies may have to take safety procedures in the workplace more seriously, because the job and industry itself is more dangerous, typical office communities should always be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

Workplace safety definitions can include a variety of things, from employee behavior and fire exit strategies to proper machine and tool usage. Ultimately, employers will analyze the workplace and decide what specific safety rules should be implemented in order to assure everyone in the office is protected.

Use Machinery/Tools Properly

Some of the most common workplace safety tips include using machinery and tools properly. Regardless of whether you’re working on a construction site or in a corporate environment, there’s a good chance that there are some machines and/or tools present that can hurt you. The danger in some workplaces is much higher, but workplace safety should still be implemented no matter where you work.

While workplace safety in construction may include how to use a nail gun, operate a forklift, or cut wood with a power saw, office jobs may focus on things such as operating the copy machine, using kitchen appliances safely, and dealing with electrical equipment. No matter how big or small the risk of danger, workplace safety tips are necessary to ensure that employees stay safe and aware at all times.

Make Emergency Exits Easy to Access

One of the safety procedures in the workplace that’s required by law is fire safety. Emergency exits must be accessible in all office buildings so employees can exit the building as easily as possible in case of a fire. These exits are also there in case other emergencies occur, such as a gas leak, a hostage situation, or some other unforeseen crime or disaster.


Stay Drug- and Alcohol-Free

Staying drug and alcohol-free at work is a necessary part of workplace safety.  Employees who are under the influence during work hours have the potential to cause harm to others, themselves, and the environment around them. Not only is this is a huge liability for the company, but it is also s an unsafe environment to be in mentally, for everyone in the office. The workplace is meant to be a place for productivity, positivity, and focus. If employees come in without a clear mind, there’s no guarantee that a safe environment will be upheld.

Wear Safety Equipment When Necessary

One important safety procedure in the workplace for many industries that work with tools, machinery, chemicals, or other dangerous material is to always wear proper safety equipment. Depending on the job, safety equipment can include gloves, goggles, shoes, or a uniform. Safety equipment may also include things such as earplugs, hard hats, and face masks. These things will vary based on the job and the dangers that your daily tasks may have. If your workplace requires safety equipment, it’s required for a reason, and under no circumstances should you break these policies.  

Follow the Rules

Whatever safety policies your job has in place, it’s important to follow the rules, because companies put these policies in place for specific reasons. The importance of safety at work is to keep employees free from harm, keep employers safe from liability, and keep the working environment productive each day. Lives can be lost and tragic situations can occur when people don’t follow proper workplace safety procedures.

Even if you work an office environment that seems safe, be sure to listen when your manager informs you about the safety policies, that way you’ll be aware of them in case something bad ever happens. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Junel Seet
Digital Marketing at Kisi