FEBRUARY 04, 2022

Easier and more secure elevator access control management

Kisi's management features have been expanded to Elevators, including Scheduled Unlocks, Offline Mode, and Event Logs.

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Unlock elevators with Siri

Updated on February 08, 2022

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Leverage elevator event logs for faster incident management, set custom unlock schedules for better visitor experience, and ensure secure elevators even during a network outage.

Since elevators are usually high-traffic areas, they can bring additional challenges for building security.

For buildings with different security requirements for different floors, elevator cards and keypads are an exploitable and overall non-secure solution. By installing a cloud-based elevator access control system you can have smarter, more secure unlock options like smartphones. With Kisi's new elevator management features, you can easily manage the diverse security requirements of your building.

Improve security with new management features for elevator access control

unlock elevtors with Apple's Siri

Customize when your elevators are unlocked

While you might want the cafeteria on the 4th floor to be accessible Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., you might want the IT department on the 6th floor to be accessible only Monday through Wednesday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Now you can create custom Scheduled Unlocks for your elevators that will keep the elevator unlocked only during certain days and certain times.

Even better security reports with elevator access event logs

New scheduled unlocks have been set? Elevator stops have been changed? Was the elevator forced open? Event logs allow you to have a full overview of access and security events related to your elevators and investigate incidents if needed.

Ensure secure elevators even during a network outage

We’ve expanded Offline Mode to elevators as well. You can now lock and unlock your elevators without Internet access. If there is a local Internet outage, the Kisi Reader and Controller will be communicating through the local network instead of the cloud.

Already a Kisi customer?

Kisi customers who have their entrance doors and floors already secured with Kisi can achieve a higher level of security and seamless user experience by securing their elevators too. Go to our Help Space and set up Kisi for your own elevators.

New to Kisi?

Learn more about our Kisi Elevator Access, see our documentation.

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