DECEMBER 02, 2020

Introducing Free Camera Integrations, Offline Mode and More

Learn about our offline functionality, elevator access, and integrating your cameras for free.

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Introducing Free Camera Integrations, Offline Mode and Elevators

Updated on January 19, 2021

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We have several exciting updates to announce: free camera integrations, offline mode for mobile unlocks, and support for elevators. Waiting for a different update from Kisi? Let us know by taking our survey!

Free camera integration and new footage feature

It is more important than ever to know what is happening at your facilities with the irregularity of conditions at the moment. That's why Kisi decided to make camera integrations free for both new and existing customers. Kisi integrates with video cameras from major manufacturers like Rhombus and Cisco Meraki to create a video surveillance solution.

To get a better overview of your camera events, try our new "Footage" feature. This can be found in the "Event History" section of your dashboard.

Introducing Free Camera Integrations, Offline Mode and Elevators

Once you have navigated to the “Footage” tab, add the door(s) with cameras attached to see an events timeline and switch between camera-augmented events.

For additional support on setting up video surveillance, check out our Cisco Meraki and Rhombus help articles.

Offline mode

As part of our latest firmware update, Kisi hardware now responds to mobile tap unlocks even during internet outages. This means you don't have to worry about operation disruptions if you go offline. Permissions are still evaluated in real-time, and revoked or granted access during an internet outage will apply immediately, as usual.

Offline functionality has the following limitations:

  • Readers and controllers need to be in the same local network
  • Local network needs to be operating
  • The mobile phone performing tap to unlock should have access to the internet
  • Card, link, or in-app unlocks are not supported.


You may have already noticed the new sections "Floors" and "Elevators" in the settings menu of Kisi. This is because it’s now possible to equip elevators with Kisi, which means you can provide a smooth and consistent access experience throughout your facilities. Want to know more? Contact our support!

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