Access Control in Columbus

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Business safety in Columbus

According to data from the Columbus Division of Police, common crimes that could impact your business or the safety of people inside include property crimes, assault, robbery, vandalism, burglary, and fraud.

Commercial access control in Columbus

For businesses in Columbus, implementing access control systems is important to maintain safe working environments. Commercial facilities and buildings can significantly enhance security by restricting entry to authorized personnel through physical access control.

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Benefits of access control in Columbus

Enhanced security

The rate of crime in Columbus is much higher than in the average US city. In a city with a high crime rate, safety needs to be a top priority. Access control provides a robust layer of protection, ensuring your building and space remain secure at all times.

Restrict access

As an urban city, Columbus faces typical challenges and opportunities associated with large metropolitan areas, such as urban development, transportation, housing, and crime management. Access control solutions help Columbus businesses restrict access to their buildings and reduce property crimes.

Employee safety

With areas in Columbus facing high crime rates, safeguarding your workforce and assets should be a key consideration. Access control systems offer additional protection, giving you the confidence to focus on running your business.

Safest areas in Columbus for businesses

Safety is one of the key factors to consider when selecting a location for your business. It’s essential to prioritize safety and be aware of the crime rate.  While no area can be entirely free of crime, some neighborhoods in Columbus have historically been considered safer for businesses. One such place is Upper Arlington, an affluent community with a mix of residential and commercial areas. Another, New Albany, is a planned community with an emphasis on safety and a variety of business opportunities. Located east of downtown Columbus, Gahanna is known for its community-oriented atmosphere and commercial districts. Finally, Grove City offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces and is considered a safe location for businesses.

Top business sectors in Columbus

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the most popular type of businesses in Columbus are the following:

Trade, transportation, and utilities
Professional and business services
Education and health services
Leisure and hospitality
Mining, logging, and construction

Columbus neighborhoods where access control is critical

If you are a business owner in the Columbus area, certain neighborhoods with lower safety and security ratings require additional consideration around security measures. Safeguarding your property, employees, and valuable assets becomes an essential priority when operating in areas with lower ratings. To ensure a secure environment, you might consider investing in a dependable access control solution when operating in the following neighborhoods, which have a low safety and security rating in the Columbus area.


  • list bullet

    Linden has faced crime-related challenges, including property crimes and violent offenses.


  • list bullet

    Hilltop has experienced higher crime rates, particularly regarding property crimes.


  • list bullet

    Franklinton has encountered issues related to property crimes and violent offenses.

Near East Side

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    The Near East Side has faced challenges around crime rates, impacting its safety and security ratings.

South Side

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    The South Side has experienced higher crime rates, particularly property crimes and theft.

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