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Best Gym Security Cameras

High traffic areas like gyms need good security cameras to prevent crime. Here are the top features to look for!

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Updated on December 01, 2022

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Gym members pay to exercise in a space they feel is protected and safe. Since gyms are generally high-traffic locations in highly accessible areas, security can become a complicated endeavor for managers and operators. Installing quality security cameras is a good way to monitor the space in the absence of a heavy staff and prevent crime or accidents.

How Cameras Affect the Location #

Cameras are a natural deterrent for most people with criminal or mischievous intent. The chance of getting caught on tape makes a crime much riskier. Having gym cams visible outside your facility should prevent most unwelcome activity.

Conversely, to a customer’s mind, cameras are a sign of good security. Using software for fitness, whether it be a full security monitoring system or a gym check-in system, shows that the management is serious about members’ safety. Gym surveillance may be the most important aspect of a health club to an individual who works out early in the morning or late at night, the most common hours that attract crime.

Maybe there have been complaints about a new front desk employee. Or a trainer who isn’t helpful enough. A lifeguard in the back pool could be texting rather than watching the water. These are all things that gym security cameras can pick up. From a management point of view, cameras provide some gym insight about employees and the general environment. This information can maximize the member experience and the overall service of the gym.

Finding the right security camera system to install depends on the unique layout of the space, budget, and the amount of functionality needed. All of this takes some background research. Make sure the gym cameras you choose have sufficient quality and functionality to serve your facility.

Cameras That Integrate With Access Control Systems

Access control brands like Kisi integrate with some security camera brands — allowing real-time unlock data to be accompanied by snapshots of the person unlocking and entering the door. If a robbery or a bad situation arises you would be able to check that the credential used to access the gym was in fact used by the same member it was issued to, and not a case of a stolen keycard or mobile phone or the door being opened to someone with bad intentions.

High Definition Camera

Make it worth your while to have cameras. A clear picture without image distortion will come in handy should you ever need to look back at footage. Consider a camera like the Reolink RLC-511W known for its sharp images or a Best Vision HD security camera system.

Camera Linked to your Phone

Think about convenience. If you want to have monitoring access to your gym 24/7, make it easy for yourself by installing cameras that connect to your phone. Security software with remote access puts security and control at your fingertips.

Waterproof and Vandal-Proof

Many gyms and health centers are equipped with tennis or basketball courts, outdoor pools, or sporting fields. When dealing with outdoor security, weather, temperature, and vandalism all call for a durable camera. Consider vandal-proof security cameras from brands such as Reolink or Lorex that can brave harsh conditions.

When installing cameras outdoors, keep their location in mind. Even nice cameras won’t stay nice for long if they are repeatedly hit by tennis balls or splashed by water.

Security Cameras with an NVR

It’s best to invest in a camera system that has a network video recorder (NVR). This will help with video storage and looking back at an event that took place, either for the police or your own management.

Connect Access Control to Video Surveillance

Review and validate door entries with automatic video snapshots.

Things to Keep in Mind About Your Cameras  #

In terms of privacy, while cameras in public places are beneficial, keep them away from restrooms, locker rooms, and the like. People want to feel secure without sacrificing their privacy. For more information about rules and laws related to privacy in the workplace, check our resource.

For entrances, even if you have the best gym access control system or door monitoring policies, place a camera watching the door. It’s good to have a record of who walks in and out. 

Laws regarding audio recording and consent of those being filmed vary from state to state. To be safe, it’s best to use non-sound recording cameras in your gym’s public places. This way you won’t run into trouble with members of the law. More on security laws and regulations here.

For outdoors, consider cameras monitoring the sidewalk, parking lot, and any other places surrounding your gym. It’s easy to place security cameras near gym facilities like a tennis court, but make sure the paths to those places are protected too. Doing so will deter car theft and any unwelcome confrontation.

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