High Tech Security Systems For Homes And Offices

By Ashley Davis
December 04, 2019
High Tech Security Systems For Homes And Offices

Advances in technology have benefits and risks that necessitate specific solutions to secure businesses and homes from internal and external threats. This is why high tech security systems should be integrated into your company and your home.

Basic alarm systems, while more economical in the beginning, are not sufficient in the long-term for people or businesses that have experienced a breach. A high tech security system does not only alert you of unsupervised movements but also has real-time monitoring and can also go as far as blocking the intruder with automated permissions. This ensures that you operate with complete peace of mind both at work and at home.

How a Business Can Benefit From High Tech Security Systems

Commercial Video Surveillance

High-quality video surveillance is now a large part of many security systems.  Commercial video monitoring systems integrated with access control gives you greater leverage when it comes to tracking and managing a business or a private space. With commercial video surveillance you can:

  • Integrate artificial intelligence software with your commercial video cameras. This means that when a security threat is detected, video quality can be optimized immediately in terms of the data collection rate, helping to gather credible and accurate evidence.
  • Use surveillance video analytics to track patterns and trends that can help in changing or improving business operations.
  • Decrease the chances of unwarranted lawsuits and claims.
  • Track office activities remotely.
  • Ward off intruders and reduce losses from theft or destruction.

Visitor Management

Any place that has a public access point needs a simple check-in area for visitors and/or employees. A high tech security system for visitors should be integrated with your access control system. This will also save time that is traditionally spent at the front desk where guests manually sign hard-copy logs. This of course also deters intruders. Some of the benefits of a visitor management system:

  • Fast and efficient visitor check-in. Register names, capture vital information and automatically print a visitor pass.
  • Track a visitor’s movements in real-time, with live data showing who is on the premises, the status of their visitor’s pass, and what they are scheduled to do in the building
  • Access to sensitive locations is controlled.
  • A database of visitors is created and can be used to generate useful reports

Features to Look Out For in High Tech Home Security Systems

As a homeowner, you should always anticipate the possibility of someone targeting your property and belongings. One sensible way of ensuring that your home is less susceptible to intrusion is by having a high tech home security system that has the following features:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • It has a wide range of capabilities, for instance, indoor and outdoor video surveillance, smoke and flood detectors, home automation , etc...
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Easy-to-install
  • Personal security options

Commercial Security Monitoring For Emergencies

Commercial properties have a great need for commercial security monitoring systems. This mainly involves the use of high tech security camera systems and advanced access control solutions. In a commercial facility, the goal is to tackle situations that administrators or security personnel cannot get to on time. In the case of a disaster or security breach, the centralized monitoring system will receive a notification and an emergency response unit can be dispatched. 

High tech home security systems and commercial systems can also be connected with medical and police dispatch services. But with the most high tech security system, administrators are not only alerted, but automated responses can also act on the situation accordingly without risking anyone’s safety. 

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