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Hack week reflections: The Deep Purple chronicles

Read the fourth part of Kisi’s ‘Hack Week Reflections’ series. Enjoy insider access from the Web Developer’s perspective.

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Kisi team members testing Deep Purple's hack week project

Updated on April 26, 2024

Written by Ashish Mishra

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Hi! I started my journey with Kisi around May 2023. I work as a web developer and have recently been working on building some amazing features.

Kisi summer hack week 2023: The Deep Purple chronicles #

Buckle up for an epic tale of innovation, camaraderie, and a dash of rock 'n' roll from my unforgettable journey at Kisi's Hackweek 2023. It was five days packed with coding quests, newfound friendships, and a project so groovy, we named it Deep Purple.

Kisi's CTO presenting during hack week

Meet Deep Purple #

No, it's not a psychedelic rock band revival; it's our brainchild! Picture this: you stroll into the office, and boom! Your favorite jam blasts through the airwaves, or a smooth voice announces updates and sweet nothings. Deep Purple aimed to give our workplace an extra dash of pizzazz.

From day one, our team was in the coding trenches. We tossed around ideas crazier than a squirrel on a double espresso, and boy, did we have a blast doing it.

Part of the Deep Purple team bonding during Kisi's hack week 2023

Mixing it up: Bonding bonanza #

Hackweek wasn't just about tech wizardry; it was a melting pot of cool activities and bonding moments. We rubbed shoulders with colleagues from all corners of the globe, swapping tales, learning from each other's quirks, and forming bonds as tight as a well-knit sweater.

Unleashing Deep Purple and friends #

Fast-forward to the grand unveiling: the project showcase. It was a buzzing hive of innovation and excitement. Deep Purple strutted its stuff and bagged not one but two awards! We were on cloud nine, to say the least.

Kisi's Deep Purple team during hack week

In a nutshell #

Kisi's Hackweek 2023 was a wild ride, a swirling vortex of innovation, teamwork, and endless laughter. It showed us that creativity knows no bounds, and our company is a hotbed of talent.

I'm beyond thankful to work at a place that champions innovation and invests in its people. Hackweek was like a shot of adrenaline, and I can't wait to inject that energy into my everyday grind. With this crew, we're bound to cook up some more mind-blowing stuff.

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Ashish Mishra

Web Developer at Kisi

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