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Hack week reflections: My Kisi hack week history

Read the third part of Kisi’s ‘Hack Week Reflections’ series. Enjoy insider access from the Hardware Team Lead’s perspective.

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Kisi's Hardware Teamlead working on a hack week project on elevator access

Updated on April 26, 2024

Written by Gustaf Edén

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I'm Gustaf, the Hardware Team Lead based in Stockholm. I've worked at Kisi for 3+ years, and have attended 3 hack weeks.

Hack weeks at Kisi are great. They give us the opportunity to meet up with all our colleagues and work on something very different for a whole week.

The Kisi hardware team presenting their elevator access project during hack week

The first hack week #

My first hack week was the Summer hack week of 2022. Kisi had rented a beautiful place out in the Stockholm Archipelago. We were able to barbeque, play football, go swimming, and sauna. During this hack week, we highly underestimated how much time it would take to do our project and overestimated how much time we actually had during the days. This hack week's focus was more on team-building activities and getting to know everyone.

Kisi's Hardware teamlead pointing at a screen during a hack week painting challenge

2023 winter hack week #

In the winter hack week of 2023, we did not go anywhere but stayed at the office. Our remote colleagues worked remotely. This allowed us much more time to use for the projects. We had this idea to create a nice way to visualize how our devices talk to each other. We teamed up - the hardware team, a designer, and a web developer and created something really useful. Through sheer teamwork, we actually did something that the hack week truly represents.

Kisi's hardware product team next to their elevator hack week project

2023 summer hack week #

A bit earlier than the summer 2023 hack week, we had moved to a new, pretty large office, so we were finally able to fit every product member in-house. Combining teambuilding events and a lot of time to work on a project was nice. We worked with no other teams, only the hardware team. Not having to keep a GitHub and purely being able to hyper-focus allowed us to tackle a huge project. We are used to working together, so we could split up the work evenly. However, this was not really according to what hack week is supposed to be about. But that´s fine, too. We had a blast and managed to do something I´ve been wanting to build for years.

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Gustaf Edén

Hardware Team Lead at Kisi

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