Kisi’s Last Line of Defense: The Lockdown Feature

By Ashley Davis
February 21, 2020
Kisi Lockdown Feature

Access control is a system that, when done properly, should be unobtrusive and barely noticeable to everyday users. The physical security of an office isn’t something that visitors and employees should have to worry about. But unfortunately, there are a few extenuating circumstances where access control has to go on the defensive. Lockdowns, while depicted as intense and adventurous situations in the movies, are rare but gravely serious in reality.

Kisi has a built-in lockdown feature for these eventualities that can save lives, manpower and money when it comes to investigating serious security breaches. Below are some need-to-know details about the Kisi Lockdown Feature and it’s many uses:

When is the Lockdown Feature Needed?

From active shooter situations to data breaches and physical break-ins, or even for routine maintenance and pest control procedures, a room may need to be locked down for many reasons, not all of them life-threatening. However, the most common reason the feature is used for is to protect occupants from dangerous intruders.

Kisi lockdown feature

How to Enable the Lockdown Feature with Kisi

The lockdown feature is very simple to access if you are an administrator of your “place.” You can simply navigate to the settings of any door within your “place” and toggle the lockdown button. But it’s important to note that once a door is on lockdown, any scheduled unlocks for that door will be ignored, as well as the attempts of any lower-level users. And only the administrator can take the door out of lockdown mode.

Learn How Kisi Works

Discover what makes Kisi the most advanced access control system.

Learn How Kisi Works

The feature essentially overrides all unlock activity until the administrator disables it. Office personal with administrator access to their Kisi places should be trained well on the internal policies and emergency plans before using the lockdown feature.

The beauty of the lockdown feature comes from the fact that it is accessible both from a desktop and Kisi’s mobile app, making it an efficient and effective tool to use in emergencies. Administrators can, even in a hectic and tense situation, act quickly to protect everyone in a certain area while first responders are on the way, giving valuable time for threats to either pass or de-escalate.

If you are an administrator within your Kisi account, you can learn more about the specifics of the Lockdown Feature here.

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