Intrusion Detection

What is it?

Access control and Intrusion detection is a combined system of hardware and software components that lets the user control the physical access to the interior of a building, a room or another type of closed space, at the same time protecting the space from intruders who trespass or violate the physical perimeter in any other way from the outside.

The Access control and Intrusion detection system is typically a unified solution that integrates a processor from a central controlling server and peripheral components with access control software. The server is used to connect and manage all peripheral components (doors, locks, turnstiles, motion detectors, sensors, alarms and other access control endpoints) from an access control software.

How does it work?

Many unified software solutions for Access control and Intrusion detection are created as a cloud-based service that can be accessed from a web browser; and viewed from a single interface, from any device. Software alternatives include suite application packages, as well as virtualized keypads that simulate the real deal from a mobile device.

Surpassing the limitations of separate Access Control and Intrusion detection systems as they were done in the past, the single interface helps you approach, view and control all system functions from one screen. This approach limits the number of accessories (for example, wiring) you need to use, especially when the unified system supports wireless technologies.

The software applications are modular and scalable, with a possibility to be integrated with a third-party software that can provide additional services like building automation, visitor management, and time and attendance systems. Peripheral components can be added to fit the business requirements and expanded with modules that include appropriate controllers and readers. Users can choose the types of hardware they want to have installed on site, and watch video playbacks, monitor intrusion alarms, and record events from the same dashboard. Security of data stored in the cloud is guaranteed with encryption techniques.

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