Access control system for IT security teams

Kisi’s IT-level physical security allows you to expand your digital standards to the physical world.

Seamless scale and remote monitoring for your door access system

Share and revoke
access faster

Work behind-the-scenes to get people access faster—or revoke it in real time.

Get your team controlled admin access

Give your operations team controlled and logged management access. No more shared access to a local server.

2FA and SSO for your doors

Keep users, data and doors in sync with a full audit trail in case anything happens.

Ready for seamless deployment

Ensure your system is over-the-air updated and patched, as well as compatible with future requirements.

Dedicated tech support

Bulk-add new users and it’s done. Our customer operations specialists are available to help if you need it.

Your security standards applied to doors

No matter how many locations you connect with Kisi, you’ll have all access rights directly on your phone. Access them from any device—forgetting or losing keys is a thing of the past.

Manage doors like
access points

Access can be unmanageable—handled by outside vendors, seperate from your other systems and built on vulnerable legacy protocols. Bring control in-house and manage doors like all other IT devices.

Stay in control of your doors and the people in your space

Automate the tedious facility tasks that otherwise add additional operation hours. Stay compliant by auto-syncing your directory with your door access.
Acknowledged by the security and IoT community:
IoT Product of the Year
IoT Barcelona
CIO Review
OSPA Finalist 2018

Software to control your doors and automate the manual work.

Every IT system has moved to the cloud, now you can manage physical access permissions the same way. It’s time to get your doors online and control them just like any other IT device.

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A security system that grows with your organization's needs.

Kisi keeps up with your fast-growing company, offering a scaleable solution that's easy to deploy. If your business has multiple locations, Kisi allows you to streamline operations and door metrics no matter how fast you scale.

Get Per Unit and Scale Pricing

Use Google Directory to automatically provision and de-provision access to the door.

Kisi integrates with many programs, softwares and apps—allowing you to keep your current IT stack. Check the integrations page to discover how Kisi can improve your daily operations.

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Discover how we provide secure access to hundreds of fast-growing companies like yours.

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