The access control system for cloud forward IT teams.

Bring your doors online and run them like access points on your network. Physical door access fully integrated in your IT stack from the hardware to the user apps.

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cloud based physical access control system

Unify access control across your facilities.

Software to control your doors and automate the manual work.

For the past 20 years it’s been hard to control physical access permissions while every other IT system moved to the cloud, doors remained a kind of it’s own. It’s time to get them online and make them fully manageable just like any other IT devices.
manage access
mobile access control

A security system that grows with your organization's needs.

Doors are out of control: Managed by outside vendors, separate from your systems and built on vulnerable legacy protocols. It’s time to bring control in-house and on your standards.

Stay in control of your doors and the people in your space.

Automate tedious facility tasks that otherwise easily add up additional operations hours. Stay compliant by auto-syncing your directory and your door access.

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revoke access

Bring seamless scale and remote
monitoring to your door access system.

integrate access control

Your access
always with you

No matter how many locations you connect with Kisi, you’ll have all access rights directly on your phone. Access them from any device and forgetting or even losing keys is a thing of the past.

API access control

Share and revoke
access faster

Work together behind-the-scenes to get people access faster - or revoke it in real time.

REST API access control

Never loose keys again

Give your operations team controlled and logged management access. No more shared access to a local server.

automate door access

Ready for
seamless deployment

Bulk-add new users and it’s done. No need to make it more complicated.

support access control

tech support

Kisi's support team is here to help you with any questions - just call or email us directly.

secure badge

2FA and SSO for your doors

Keep users, data and doors in sync so you have a full audit trail in case anything should happen.

Connect Kisi with apps you rely on

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft shop? Streamline user on- and off-boarding by integrating Azure Directory directly into Kisi. We'll even make sure disabled accounts won't be able to access.


Sync users from Google Directory directly to Kisi and automate on - and off - boarding so you don't have to think about it anymore. We're checking if accounts are suspended, too.


Hosting a recruiting event and need to keep the doors open? Just synchronize your door with a Google calendar and the door remains unlocked for the duration of the event.

broken key
lost fob
can not unlock door
cloud access control
missing keycard
lost ID badge

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