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Facility Management Software

An overview of the top brands in this industry.
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The Best Facility Management Software

For huge or multiple facilities, a facility management software is a necessity in ensuring that the space is operational. On this page, you’ll find the most popular facility management software best known for their ability to serve the industry's needs:

  • 360 Facility

  • SpaceOS

  • Corrigo

  • ServiceChannel

  • eMaint

  • IBM Tririga

  • Angus Anywhere

  • Facility Management eXpress

These companies are best at achieving more with less as they are both efficient and effective at what they do.

360 Facility

360 facility is a cloud-based workplace asset management platform that helps businesses and real estate owners cut down costs.


SpaceOS is a mobile and web workspace management platform specialized in coworking, that also supports other community spaces, like smart real estate.


Corrigo is a software platform for managing building and facilities operations, suitable for single contractors and multinational corporations.


ServiceChannel is a facilities management platform that offers service automation software to efficiently manage staff and third-party contractors.


eMaint is a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) that helps companies manage their resources, operations, equipment and compliance.

IBM Tririga

IBM's TRIRIGA is a technology platform that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities, workplace operations, etc.

Angus Anywhere

Angus AnyWhere is a facility management platform that offers functions, capabilities and features to effectively manage commercial facilities.

Facility Management eXpress

Facility Management eXpress (FMX) is facility management solutions provider to different kinds of buildings and organizations.