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Access Methods

Visitor Link Access

Send temporary keys to guests and visitors. The keys automatically activate and expire at set times.

Offline Functionality

Kisi access control products work even when your network is down, so you don't need to worry about getting locked in (or out!) of your space.

Elevator Access

Restrict access to certain floors with Kisi.

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Two-factor authentication for your access means security against thefts and data breaches

Time-Based Access

Streamline access by setting time restrictions to doors or user groups.

Tap to Unlock

Kisi Readers use NFC and Bluetooth technology to make unlocking doors as simple as holding your phone up.

Mobile App Unlock

The Kisi mobile app lets users monitor their credentials and easily unlock any Kisi-enabled door they have permissions for.

Scheduled Unlocks

Keep your doors in check—automatically unlock and lock during business hours or events.


Event Export

From compliance to incident investigation, event exports give you full control over your space.

Easy Access Sharing

Authorize any administrator to send a mobile key to your new employee's smartphone.

Remote Lockdown

Kisi's Remote Lockdown lets you lock and unlock specific doors or entire locations from any device, from anywhere.

Access Groups and Roles Management

Control different levels of access through group configurations.

Kisi SCIM Feature

SCIM feature allows you to seamlessly keep user information up to date

Event Log

See access events in real time from the Kisi dashboard.

Automated Provisioning

Connect Kisi's groups to your CRM or Active directory to automatically provision access rights.

Access Restriction

Set granular access permissions and scale them to unlimited users using access groups

Remote Unlock

Unlock doors remotely from your phone or web browser.


Visual Access Audits

Review and validate door entries with automatic video snapshots.

Intrusion Alerts

Set alerts for when a door is held open or forced open.

Capacity Management

Kisi's Capacity Management feature gives you real-time insights on current capacity and data about how your spaces are used.


In-and-Out Tracking

Use check-in and check-out functionality to track ins and outs


Unlock the door using your company-managed identity service.

Global Management

Easily manage multiple places and administrators across your facilities on Kisi's mobile Dashboard.

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