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The most important physical access control policies

There are four major classes of access control commonly adopted in the modern day access control policies that include:

  • Role Based
  • Mandatory
  • Rule Based
  • Discretionary
classes of access control
There are four major classes of access control

Normally, there are five major phases of access control procedure – Authorization, Authentication, Accessing, Management and Auditing.  

How and what criteria, conditions and processes should be implemented in each of those access control phases is known as a robust access control policy. This unified ACS policy will also cover the major component of the policy known as physical access control policy.  

Importance of Physical Access Control Policy

Let’s imagine a situation to understand the importance of physical security policy. Every server, data storage, customer data, client contracts, business strategy documents and intellectual property are under full scale logical security controls, but a hacker is able to reach your IT room. Will your logical security mechanism work as robust as it is meant for? The answer is never, which means physical security policy is very critical a comprehensive access control over the assets and resources of the company.

The main points about the importance of physical access control policy include:

  • Protects equipment, people, money, data and other assets
  • Physical access control procedures offer employees/management peace of mind
  • Reduces business risk substantially
  • Helps safeguard logical security policy more accurately
  • Helps getting the compliance of physical access control rules by ISO, PCI and other organizations
  • Helps improve business continuity in natural disasters or destructive sabotage situations
  • Improves effective tracing of culprits
  • Reduce financial losses and improve productivity
  • Fast recovery from any loss of assets or disaster
  • Helps to take preventive measures against any possible threat

For more information about access control systems, you can consult our overview guide or learn more about Kisi's security platform.
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