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Top 25 Office Automation Tools

Employees no longer expect their office to be a place they simply come to work—they expect their office environment to also be a smart place for them to work, driven by office automation.

Today, employees don’t want to spend time maintaining the systems in their office. Office automation software has solved this issue for many organizations—with basic office automation systems including storage of information, data exchange, and data management.

These three buckets extend not only to the technical systems running the office, but also to people management, building access, and other internal systems.

When put in practice, office automation might look different for different types of offices.

Automated processes and software should assist you in creating the flow of your own office, not force a different workflow for your employees. It should also help you define your own access controls and to streamline approval processes, all from the cloud.

Defining this workflow gets difficult as more businesses become flexible with their office time—some businesses may want a smartphone access control system to allow employees to come and go, while others might need digital video software to connect with co-workers on the web.

"For me, technology has brought the concept of work outside of the office,” Madhusudan Thakur, Regional Vice president of South Asia Regus, says.

“What this means is that work isn't somewhere you go, it's something you do. All of this is enabled through the adoption and implementation of new technology platforms. For me, a smart office is a physical and technological platform that allows you to work anywhere.”

The idea of office automation is to offer your employees flexibility and reliability. If your office systems aren’t automated yet, we have some suggestions for a few tools you shouldn’t live without.

From marketing tools, to keeping your office clean, here are 25 office automation tools that you’ll need to start your office’s journey to automation.

But what are these automation tools without their fearless leaders?

As a bonus, we've also featured the leadership teams behind these successful tools.

We've categorized the top automation tools into a few different categories:

Employee Management

Receipts and Reimbursement: Expensify

Having employees collect receipts on business trips, turn in a stack of paper to the finance team when they come home, and go through the reimbursement process is cumbersome. Expensify streamlines the way employees report expenses by allowing them to do it while they're away, directly from their phone.

Expensify automates the way expenses are approved, while also mechanizing the way you export information to your accounting package and apply these expenses to your budget.


David Barrett, Founder and CEO Twitter | LinkedIn

Alex Revelli, Director of People Operations Twitter LinkedIn

File storage: Nexenta

As you business grows, so will the number of digital files you accumulate. Storing these files is important, as employees, customers and partners need to access and share information with one another. Nexenta is an Open Source-driven file storage platform.

The platform is flexible, and allows you to structure file storage to your needs, while simplifying the management of these files - automating availability, reliability and functionality.


Tarkan Maner, Chairman and CEO Twitter | LinkedIn

Thomas Cornely, Chief Product Officer | LinkedIn

Phil Underwood, COO | LinkedIn

File sharing: Ipswitch

Sometimes you’ll have to share the files your organization is storing, and you’ll have to do so securely, reliably, and with the knowledge that your information will be handled with care. Ipswitch is a high-performance managed file transfer solution to help businesses interact.

Ipswitch is notable because it scales - whether or not you’re an enterprise, or someone using the technology for person-to-person file exchanges, you don’t have to worry about moving around sensitive data or stepping on compliance policies. Not to mention - the process will allow you to be way more visible and take control of how your files move around.


Joe Krivickas, CEO | LinkedIn

Austin O'Malley, Chief Product Officer | LinkedIn

File Backup: Seafile

Make sure you never lose a file again - constantly backup your information to the cloud automatically with a syncing tool that’s reliable and works in the background. Seafile boasts a reliable syncing algorithm that will support your systems in a robust way.

Not only will you be backing up your data in real time, but library snapshots and histories will allow you to easily recover and enable anything you may have lost.

Facility Management

Access Management: Kisi

As your business scales, you’ll be hiring more employees - and that means more people coming in and out of the office daily. On the other hand, when employees leave, you're going to want to revoke that access seamlessly.

Kisi provides a smartphone access control system that allows businesses to remotely give and revoke access to employees as needed. Not only does this remove the headache of constantly printing ID cards to allow people into the building, but KISI gives you more flexibility by allowing you to implement restrictions on access and flexible work hours.


Bernhard Mehl, Co-founder and CEO Twitter | LinkedIn

Maximilian Schuetz, Co-founder | LinkedIn

Carl Pfeiffer, Co-founder and CTO | LinkedIn

Visitor Management: Ring

Your home isn’t the only place that you can expect to host guests - businesses are constantly bringing in visitors for various reasons. The security problem is that when the doorbell rings, you never know who’s on the other side.

Ring let’s you see the other side of your door with wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording. Our integration with Ring allows you to not only view who’s at the door, but give them immediate access with a smartphone access control system.


James Siminoff, CEO and Chief Inventor | LinkedIn

Service: Managed by Q

There is nothing more distracting than coming to work everyday and sitting in a messy office. Cleaning the office can be expensive and cumbersome when the process isn’t streamlined, and employees have to work around logistical cleaning issues.

Managed by Q wants to solve your company’s cleaning crisis with regular cleaning sessions keep your space neat and organized. An automated process, you no longer have to worry about booking a cleaning staff to come help keep the office neat.


Dan Teran, Co-founder and CEO | LinkedIn

Saman Rahmanian, Co-founder | LinkedIn

Shaival Shah, SVP Platform Twitter | LinkedIn

Chris Davis, CFO | LinkedIn

Room Scheduling: Robin

Every wanted to have a meeting in the conference room of your office, but stepped in with your team only to realize it's being used? Well, Robin solves this problem, and other scheduling ones. Robin helps you make meeting room and hot desk reservations, provide real time analytics and tablet display.


Sam Dunn, CEO | LinkedIn

Brian Muse, CTO | LinkedIn

Apolinaras Sinkevicius, COO | LinkedIn

Zach Dunn, CPO | LinkedIn


Notes: Evernote

Have you ever sat down to take notes in a meeting, and then immediately wished that those notes were transposed to your computer screen? Evernote takes this process to a whole new level. The app grows with you, as you discover more and more of it’s processes.

Not only can you add text for things like meeting notes, quick memos, and funny quotes you might here, but you can also record audio while you take those notes, save photographs, make checklists and save web articles. All of it syncs to the cloud allowing you access no matter where you are.


Chris O'Neill, CEO Twitter | LinkedIn

Michelle Wagner, SVP People Ops Twitter | LinkedIn

Office Pantry: Boxed

Get your office supplies and pantry supplies all in one place at an affordable price. This up and coming startup helps your office stock up on everything you need.


Chieh Huang, CEO | LinkedIn

Christopher Cheung, CMO | LinkedIn

Jared Yaman, COO

William Fong, CTO | LinkedIn

Events Catering: Zerocater

Running out of places to go for team lunch? Company growing so big you can't get a reservation? Zerocater solves that problem. They cater to New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, DC, and LA.


Arram Sabeti, Chairman and Founder | LinkedIn


Contracts: DocuSign

The one that pioneered the development of e-signature technology, DocuSign make e-contracts signing a breeze. With more than 400,000 paying customers and hundreds of millions of users worldwide, you cant' miss out.


Tom Gonser, Founder | LinkedIn

Hiring: Workable

Recruiting and hiring are two of the top issues businesses wish they could automate better. The ideal situation is more candidates coming to company inbound, and being hired and onboarded seamlessly through automated technology.

Workable is an affordable online recruiting software that aims to solve this problem for companies. The technology is easy to use and really shines during the implementation process. You can get workable up and running in minutes with no downloads or training needed.


Nikos Moraitakis, CEO Twitter | LinkedIn

Thanos Markousis, VP Operations Twitter | LinkedIn

Panos Korros, VP Engineering Twitter

Spyros Magiatis, CTO Twitter | LinkedIn

Rob Long, VP Growth Twitter | LinkedIn

Daniel Howden, VP Marketing Twitter | LinkedIn

Rostering: Planday

Planning your staff roster can be a lot to handle as your staff grows. Using an automated tool to help manage shift planning, employee communication, time clocks and payrolls will take a load off your mind.

Planday manages all of this for businesses, and helps them gain significant advantages by tracking trends, staff costs and optimizing time using the resources you already have available to you.


Christian Brondum, CEO | LinkedIn

Mikkel Lomholt, Co-founder and CTO | LinkedIn

John Colidcutt, CMO Twitter | LinkedIn

Anders Frederiksen, CSO | LinkedIn 

Onboarding: Certspring

When new employees come on board, there is so much they have to learn. From business processes to workflows, having some sort of onboarding processes for your new employees will help make the transition go smoother for everyone. The problem is that business can’t stop to help onboard a new employee - having an automated system for onboarding and training solves this issue.

CertSpring helps you quickly build training that tailored to your business and needs. If needed you can creates badges, certificate programs and other pieces of content to help bring your new employees up to speed as quickly as possible, so they can start having an impact on your business’s bottom line.

While you might not be able to automate every aspect of your office, automating some of your most time-consuming office tasks with office automation software will help to streamline your workplace, allowing for more innovation and growth on the part of your employees.

KISI is a smartphone access control system that controls, secures and unlocks your door with your smartphone. If you’re interested in learning how we can help automate your office access, request a demo.

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